Can You Crush Cookies In A Blender?

Can You Crush Cookies In A Blender?  -The answer to the question above is a big and emphatic YES! Cookies can be crushed in blenders, and depending on the state you want the outcome, you can either add water or break them into smaller pieces before feeding them into the grinder.

There are lots of recipes that can be made with cookies, and  most of the process requires blending. Below are the steps on how to grind cookies in a blender.

How Do You Blend Cookies In A Blender?


Using “Oreos” as a case study since they are largely used in cookie recipes and desserts, here are the materials you will need for a successful outcome:

Step -1- Refrigerate the Oreos cookies:

You are likely to get your blender blades stuck by the cream of the Oreos cookies if grounded at room temperature, so the best thing to do is to refrigerate the cookies to get the cream to harden a bit before placing them in the blending container.

To get the best result, place the cookies on a baking sheet and put them in the freezer for a time frame of about 30 minutes.

Step 2 – Remove the cookies from the freezer and place them in the blender’s container :

The next step will be to remove the cookies from the freezer and transfer them immediately into a food processor or blender as the case may be. Endeavor to be certain about the number of cookies you need for your recipe.

Depending on the size of your food processor, or the number of grounded cookies you need for your recipe, you might want to ground in batches to get the best result from the process.

Step 3 – Turn on the blender

If you are using an electric blender, connect it to a power outlet and switch it on. Ensure you properly cover the lid of the container to prevent the content from flying around.

From time intervals, pulse your blender automatically by using the required button on the motor, better still, switch it off and use a spatula to remove the cookies that are likely to be stuck in and around the blade section.

Once you are done, remove the newly grounded cookies from the container and proceed with your recipe as you so desire.

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Are There Other Methods Of Crushing Cookies?

Yes, there are other methods of crushing cookies aside using a blender. Most persons who can’t afford the cost of a blender can simply resort to using rolling pins as I will be explaining below:

1. Using rolling pins to crush cookies – a step-by-step guide

Materials needed:

  • Rolling pin
  • Plastic bag
  • Baking sheet
  • A piece of cloth
  • Refrigerator
  • A hard surface/kitchen countertop

Step 1- Refrigerate your cookies:

Still using the Oreos cookies as a case study, and just like it is in the case of blending, you are required to refrigerate the cookies to prevent the cream from messing up the plastic bag in a way you wouldn’t like.

Use your baking sheet to wrap up the cookies before placing them in the freezer. Wait for a time interval of 30 minutes before bringing them out.

Step 2- Place the cookies in the plastic bag and grind

As soon as the said time elapses, place the cookies in the plastic bag – at least 12 cookies depending on the size of the plastic bag – then squeeze or press the plastic bag to let out the air entrapped within, once this is done, seal up the plastic bag.

Place a piece of cloth on the kitchen countertop or any surface you might want to use to prevent the cookies from moving about aimlessly; but most importantly, avoid using shaky surfaces or platform that aren’t built or designed to handle the excessive force you are about to use such as glass.

Place your rolling pin on the bag and bang as hard as possible. You could choose to roll or tap depending on your preference.

In the absence of a rolling pin, a strong wine bottle will do the job, however, you will have to only roll over the bottle because banging them as one would do with the rolling pin can result in a broken bottle which can cause you injury.

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 How To Clean Your Blender  After Crushing Cookies

After grinding your cookies, the next reasonable thing to do will be to clean your blender or food processor to prevent the cookies from causing a big mess, especially in the blade region. There are several ways to go about this as I will be explaining below:

(Blending With Dishwashing Soap)

Step 1- Fill the blender halfway full with water

After removing the content from the container, pour water into the halfway line of the container, then add the appropriate amount of dishwashing soap in the blender.

Step 2 – Turn on the blender and blend at high speed

Switch on the blender and blend at a low-speed setting for two minutes, then proceed to increase the speed while pulsing from time to time to get to the higher sections of the container. While at it, ensure the lid of the container is properly covered to prevent water from splashing all over the place.

Step 3- Turn off the machine and scrub

After the step above, pour out the soapy water, but leave a little behind, or better still, put fresh water and dishwashing soap. Scrub the container and target the sticky areas using a sponge or anything suitable for the job.

If you feel the blender is too dirty and needs a thorough cleaning, fill up the container halfway with water, put in a cup of vinegar (white), then pour in half a cup of baking soda and a few drops of dishwashing liquid into the mixture and blend the mixture together for about two minutes.

After blending, allow the mixture to soak for about two hours then pour it away.
Carefully rinse the blender with fresh water to remove any form of residue from the previous action.

If you still perceive the smell of baking soda and vinegar, try blending just fresh water and dishwashing soap to completely remove the smell, but you would have to rinse again.

Step 4- Rinse the blender and dry

Once you are OK with the progress made, proceed to rinse the blender with water as stated earlier and ensure all the soap is out.

Turn the container upside down on the kitchen countertop or a drying rack to remove the droplets of water that are likely to be inside it.

Before covering it with the lid, ensure the jug is completely dry to avoid it from being a breeding place for microbes.

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What Can I Make With Grounded Cookies?

1 Pie Crust Additive:

Many bakers are turning to crushed cookies rather than using the conventional Graham cracker when it comes to making pie crust.

When I interviewed Baker Juan, a popular baker in my district, he had this to say “it’s not just for pie crust, but also cheesecakes, French silk pie, normal chocolate pudding, and peanut butter.

Cookies help to redefine the taste that has come to be known of these recipes which is why chefs and bakers alike are looking out for more recipes to explore with the opportunity presented by grounded cookies”.

He further went on to explain the process of applying grounded cookies on pie crust by explaining, “as soon as you press the pie in the plate, try refrigerating it for an hour, or you can choose to bake the crust to give it the signature crisp it is known for.

2. Sprinkle as garnish finishing

Continuing on the interview, Baker Juan went on to say “I remember adding some tablespoons of crushed Oreos on cupcakes, brownies, and whipped cream before serving to customers.

The compliments I got were so satisfying and gratifying that some customers even reminded me to include it on their orders if I forgot to. It can also be used on hot cocoa to spice things up a little. A baker never runs out of options when it comes to grounded cookies, I tell you”.

3. Truffles

 I would use about 3 cups of crushed cookies alongside 8 ounces of cream cheese (soften); then I would mix them together and cut out cookie-like shapes, at times with enough time on my hands, I would form these mixtures into balls of varying size.

Then proceed to dip them into melted chocolate to make truffles. To make things more exciting, I would refrigerate my newly cutout cookies or truffles until when there are ready to be eaten. They taste better that way”.

4. Crushed Oreos and ice cream

Baker Juan sheds more light on this recipe “there are two ways to make this work; when making your ice cream, add some crushed Oreos at the last moment of mixing everything together before churning it out from the machine.

If you don’t have the expertise required to make ice cream, you can buy a pack of ice cream, allow it defrost or soften a bit, then proceed to add your crushed Oreos in the pack.

You can add as many as you want, and depending on your taste, you can either eat it instantly or place the now soft ice cream in a refrigerator to harden a little bit.

5. Oreos milkshakes

Finally, on the subject of grounded cookie recipes Baker Juan had this to say “I make simple Oreo milkshakes by mixing at least 4 spoons of ice cream with at least a cup of milk (about 240 milliliters), and 50 grams or a half cup of grounded Oreos.

I mix up these combos and Hola! My milkshake is ready”.

Aside from the varieties explained in this article, you can try out several other applications and kindly share with us your experiences on how it went.

Other FAQs:

Can A Blender Crush  Biscuit?

Yes, a blender can crush biscuits without any problems at all. Not just Stand blenders, but hand blenders as well.

Rather than subject yourself to the stress involved in using a rolling pin or risk having injured when using bottles, you can crush your cookies or biscuits as the case may be with your kitchen blender without any problem whatsoever.

How Do You Crush Biscuits Without A Bag?

Perhaps you don’t have a kitchen blender and you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of using a rolling pin, you can use a mortar and pestle, but first, consider refrigerating the biscuit if it has cream-filling like Oreos, but if this isn’t the case, then simple grind.

Don’t start out by pounding heavily, you will have biscuits flying everywhere — start by gently twisting your arm like you do when writing a “full stop” sign with your pen; this technique will gradually disintegrate the biscuit into bits, then you can now proceed to pound.

Although I can’t guarantee you not having biscuits flying around, a way to greatly minimize this is to ground the biscuits in small batches.

Can You Crush Oreos In A Ninja Blender?

Not only can you crush Oreos in a Ninja blender, but you can also crush at least 36 Oreo cookies at once in a Ninja blender depending on the ounce of the container. The larger the ounce, the more Oreos you can grind at a go and vice-versa.

How Many Oreos Make A Cup Of Crumbs?

This number will vary depending on the size of the Oreo cookie being purchased. On average though, about 20—24 Oreo cookies will give you at least a cup of grounded cookies.

Can You Crush Cookies In A Blender- Conclusion:

Cookies are amazing when eaten on their own, now imagine the feel when combined with other amazing treats such as ice cream, pies, cakes, and so on. Rather than depend on your favorite baker to tell you how many cookies you can enjoy in your treat, you can simply follow the recipes outlined in this article by Baker Juan and treat yourself to a well-deserved break from normal life activities whilst engaging your mind on Netflix. Catch you soon… Cheers!!!

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