Why Does My Blendjet Keep Stopping?

You decided to make your favorite smoothie like you do every day. Eagerly, you turned on your blendjet blender, it turned on and stopped. You turned it on again and it did the same thing. You tried checking some of its parts, but you are not sure what is wrong.

Feeling disappointed, you chose to find out why your blending isn’t working properly. I understand how frustrating that can be, so I’d share the full details of the cause and how you can fix it in this blog post.

Why Does My Blendjet Keep Stopping?

  • The motor is burnt.
  • It needs to be charged.
  • Dirty terminals.
  • The blades are obstructed.
  • Loose base.
  • The fuse is burnt.

The motor is burnt


Your blendjet blender could stop functioning as it used to when the motor is burnt. Just like the heart is an important part of a human organ, the motor is a vital component in a blender. If the motor develops any fault, the blender cannot function.

Perhaps when you started your blendjet blender, you perceived a burning smell from it. It is definitely a sign that the motor is or has burnt. However, in most cases, it might just be that the brushes in the motor are worn out.

The brushes are another component located in the motor. This electrical item might look small, but it causes the motor to run as it passes electricity to it.

It needs to be charged

Most times, your blendjet stopping while you turn it on might not be a serious issue. It could be that the battery is low and it needs to be charged. Just a little reminder that your blendjet blender is a battery-oriented technology.

This implies that you have to charge it before you can make use of it. Being conscious of the battery power is a must, so you won’t feel disappointed when you are about to make your recipe.

Dirty terminals

There’s a saying of the folks that goes thus, “one who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases, if you keep your home clean you keep away disease”. The saying doesn’t apply to the home alone, it includes your appliances. One who maintains an appliance attracts longevity.

If the terminals of your blendjet are dirty, it will keep stopping as you put it on. The manufacturer includes the cleaning process because of how important cleaning is to the appliance. Just like you can’t stand dirt, the blendjet can’t operate with dirt in it.

The blades are obstructed

Every time you use your blendjet blender, the blades are always doing the task. They crush your nuts, blend your fruits, and so on. Not cleaning them after every use is so wrong! . Whilst the terminals need to be cleaned, the blades need to be cleaned too.

You can’t have the blender function properly if the blades are obstructed by previous food items. The blendjet blender is a very sensitive appliance, meaning you have to ensure all its parts are in perfect order before it can carry out your task.

Loose base

After or while stacking your blendjet blender, you should take note of the base. Every part of the base should be well screwed, if not, it will keep stopping when you put it on.

Screwing the components of the base well will make the materials balanced. That being said, if the base is damaged, it won’t work properly.

The fuse is burnt

The fuse is a safety electrical device that provides the overcurrent safety of an electric circuit. The fuse in a blender is located at the bottom part of the base. Once this electrical device is burnt, your blendjet will not be able to handle the current passed into it.

So, it will keep stopping as you turn it on. This implies that the fuse is another vital part you should take note of in a blender.

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How do I fix why my blendjet keeps stopping?

After finding out the main culprit to why your blendjet blender keeps stopping, you can move on to fixing the issue. As aforesaid, I’d share with you the full details on how to fix the problem.

  • Change the motor.
  • Charge the blender fully.
  • Replace the fuse.
  • Clean the obstructed blades.
  • Fix the base.

Change the motor

If you perceive a burning smell, you still have to check if it’s the motor that burnt. If the motor is the problem, you can easily replace it with a new one.

Replacing the motor of a blender isn’t an easy thing to do, you might need an expert to help. But looking at the user manual in the blendjet package can help you do it.

Ensure you follow the steps provided in the manual and make sure you remember every part of it. So, if you want to fix the new motor you bought into the space of the burnt one, it will be easy. If you are not so sure, take it to a technician.

Charge the blender fully

Technically, if the battery of your blendjet is down, it will blink red continuously till you charge it. If this is the case, get the right USB  cord and use it to charge your blendjet blender.

It is going to show the red color while charging, so you don’t need to worry. If it is fully charged, it will show a blue color.

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Replace the fuse

If you find out that the fuse is the culprit, you have to replace it for your blender to work. Firstly, use a multimeter to check if the fuse is the issue.

Then, open the base and bring out the burnt fuse before putting in the new one. Ensure you use an equivalent rating fuse while you are replacing it, so your blendjet blender will be fixed quickly.

Clean the obstructed blades

After spotting all the leftover blended items from your previous recipe, you should clean them so you can make use of the blender for your new recipe. Cleaning a blendjet blender, in fact, cleaning all blenders is a very easy thing to do.

You don’t have to risk your hand in the blender to clean it, the blender can self-clean. You just need a few materials which are a liquid dishwashing soap and warm water. Put these materials in your blendjet blender jar, lock the jar on the base, and turn it on.

Let it run for about 25 to 30 seconds. Do it twice and pour out the soapy mixture. Then, put clean water in the blender and rinse it two to three times to get any soap out of it.

Fix the base

If the loose parts in the base are the issue, then you have to fix it before the blender can run. Take the blender jar away from the base. Then, screw all the loose parts.

However, if the base is damaged, you can’t make use of it anymore. Changing the parts of the base does not guarantee a long-term function. So, it’s best to purchase a new base. If the blendjet blender is still on warranty, you don’t have to spend a dime.

Reach out to blendjet customer care service and let them know about the damaged base. Then, they will do what the warranty covers. But if the blendjet is not on a warranty anymore, still reach out to the customer care service and they will tell you what to do.

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Does the blendjet work with frozen fruits?

Oh, yea! The blendjet works with frozen fruits. If the blend jet blender can crush ice, then why won’t it blend frozen fruits? This appliance is the best option to make fruit juice, smoothies, salad dressing, milkshake, and so on. You can put in your frozen fruit, and it will do justice to it the way you want.

The blendjet blender works the same way the normal-sized electrical blender does. It does everything perfectly, but just in small quantities. So, if you have frozen fruits that you want to make smoothies or shakes with, you can use your blendjet.

Can you drink out of a blendjet?

Of course, you can drink out of a blendjet. The blendjet jar was designed in the form of a bottle which makes it easy for you to drink from it. Just ensure you don’t blend more than the capacity of the blendjet blender. Overfilling it can cause spillage or the blender might not work properly as expected.

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Why Does My Blendjet Keep Stopping-Conclusion

A lot of things can affect the function of your blendjet blender, and those things have been listed and discussed in this blog post. Also, the way you can fix the problem was shared.

Kindly follow the instructions provided in this article, so you can get the answers you want. Other information that will be of help was also shared. I hope your blender gets fixed quickly, so you can make your favorite smoothies.

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