Can You Take A Blendjet On A Plane?

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Packing up for a trip and you are wondering if you can pack your blender? A lot of people aren’t sure of what is allowed to be packed in their suitcase when traveling by air. Most times, they end up packing the wrong things which they would have to remove at the airport.

If you have experienced this and don’t want to experience it again, you must have a lot of questions about the things you can pack in your suitcase. One of those questions is “Can You Take A Blendjet On A Plane?” I’d be answering this question as stated by the TSA (Transportation security administrators), so you can be assured of accurate information in this blog post.

Can You Take A Blendjet On A Plane? Of course, you can take a blendjet on a plane. As stated by the transportation security administrators (TSA), blenders can be packed in both carry-on bags and checked bags, but in different conditions. Firstly, if you are packing the blender which is your blendjet in your carry-on, the blades must be removed.

This is because sharp objects are not allowed to be taken on planes. But if you are putting it in your checked bags, you have to wrap it properly so that it won’t cause injury to those baggage handlers. Also, you have to ensure there is no liquid or anything in it while it’s being packed.

Howbeit, there’s more to this than what the TSA says. Although the TSA laws matter, but there are other laws that you have to consider.

For instance, there is the FAA (federal aviation administration) and PHMSA (pipeline and hazardous materials safety administration), they all have laws that you have to follow. Not excluding your airline, country’s airport, and destination airport.

How do I carry my blendjet on a plane?

Before you can be allowed to carry your blendjet on a plane for your flight, you have to know the right way to pack it.

Follow the steps below to pack your blendjet in your suitcase for your flight.

Step 1

Disassemble the blendjet blades from the jar.

Step 2

Wrap the blades in a paper (could be newspaper).

Step 3

Then, get a Ziploc bag and put the wrapped blades in it.

Step 4

Put the Ziploc bag containing the wrapped blades in your carry-on luggage.

Nb– Ensure you let the security know about the blades in your carry-on luggage before they start the screening.

Step 5

Then, you can either put the other parts of the blendjet in your carry-on or checked bags. If you’d put it in your checked bag, wrap the blender and when you get to the airport, tell the security.

Telling them will let them know how to handle the bag. Also, it will prevent your bags from being opened for a thorough check.

Treanding searches

What is not allowed on a plane?

When traveling, your safety and the safety of other passengers on the plane is considered. So, the TSA made a list of items that aren’t allowed to be checked in.

However, in some cases, you might be allowed to take some of them in if you do the necessary things required by the administrators. With that being said, let’s take a look at the items that are not allowed on a plane.

Flammable items

Most importantly, you cannot carry flammable items such as perfumes, compressed gas cylinders, butane oxygen, nitrogen, fuels, etc on a plane.

These items can be checked in as cargo and would be placed below the plane where it won’t inconvenience other passengers. This is not allowed because it could easily explode. Plus, most passengers are very sensitive to items like this.

Self-defense items

You’d be on a plane, so I see no reason for self-defense material. Packing them in your bag is a waste of time because they won’t be allowed. Any self-defense item like guns, batons, or any type of weapon will be taken out of your bag if found by the security. Also, you might be investigated.

Corrosive liquids

Not to forget, other passengers would be on the plane and their safety during the flight is important, likewise yours.

If these liquids are taken on the plane and accidentally or intentionally spill on another passenger, causing injury, you’d be arrested by the securities.

However, this isn’t going to be allowed at the checkpoint, so you shouldn’t bother packing it. So, if you had the intention of packing corrosive liquids like acids (diluted and undiluted), chemicals, Mercury, batteries, and so on, kindly exclude them.

Explosive materials

You are traveling by air, so whatever you’d be packing shouldn’t be harmful. Taking explosive materials like pistol caps, fireworks, munitions, etc can harm both you and other passengers on the plane. So, there’s no way it will be allowed in your luggage.


Bleach is not allowed because they are harmful too. However, you can put them in your check-in bag and inform the security about it.

Household tools

Household tools like scissors, lighter, plier, pocket knife, etc won’t be allowed. Though they are household tools, they are dangerous and can harm other passengers on the plane.

Is a hand blender allowed on a plane?

Yes, hand blenders are allowed on a plane. But you need to pack it properly in a way that it won’t harm anyone handling your bags. However, I’d advise that you pack it in your check-in bags, rather than a carry-on.

Before or while packing it, do the following:

Remove the blades

The blades in a blender are sharp and can harm someone if not carried properly. So, before packing your hand blender, remove the blades. After removing the blades, wrap them in paper and put them in a bag before putting them in your check-in bags.

These bags will be screened, so ensure you inform the security. This will prevent you from any stress or embarrassment if found by the securities.

Disassemble the blender

In a blender, there are two parts which are the motor and the jar. These two can be assembled and disassembled when not in use. You’d be packing it in your luggage, so disassemble the jar and the base.

Also, check for other parts that can be disassembled from the motor, then wrap them before putting them in your luggage. When you get to the airport, inform any of the officials about the presence of a blender in your luggage. So, they will know how to handle the bag.

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What can I carry on a plane?

Whilst some items are prohibited on a plane, there are also some things that are allowed. Those things that are allowed to be carried on a plane will be listed below.


Perhaps you are traveling to attend your friend’s birthday party, you’d need to pack the gifts you want to present. Do not worry, you can go ahead and pack the gifts. But you’d have to inform them at the airport about what you packed.


Your devices are important, so they are allowed on the plane. Devices can be kept in your personal item and they don’t need to be brought out.

Although in some cases, you might be asked to bring them out of the bag for proper screening. Devices such as laptops, phones, Airpods, tablets, and so on can be allowed on the plane.

Medical tools

Some passengers will need medical help on the plane during the flight, and the medical tools with you can be of help. You can take in a first aid box kit, and some other medical tools with you on the plane.

Although you have to show proof that you are a doctor or medical personnel before you can be allowed to take it in or use it for a passenger.

Personal medications

Perhaps you were on drugs before leaving the country, you’d need to take the meds with you so you can make use of them. So, personal medications are totally allowed.

However, you need to let them know about the drugs, so the security won’t think otherwise. Moreover, some medications are not allowed to be taken on the plane. For instance, drugs with cocaine, heroin, etc. Most times, the securities might tell you to show them medical proof that you need the drugs.


You can pack your change of clothes in your carry-on, it is allowed. This is important for those that will have a long flight like connecting flights, of course, you’d need to get changed into some new clothes.

You don’t need to let the security know about it, you’d see other people with a carry-on bag too. Although these bags will be screened before you can carry them on the plane.

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Can You Take A Blendjet On A Plane-Conclusion

Blenders like blendjet are not prohibited on a plane, you just need to pack them properly in a way that won’t harm anyone that’s handling your bags.

Having known that, the items that are allowed and prohibited from being carried on the plane have been listed in this blog post. Kindly take note of them before packing.

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