What Does Red Light Mean In A Portable Blender?

Portable blenders are appliances made to work with the use of a battery. They are compact and lightweight, also powerful. You are about to make use of your portable blender, and you find out that the indicator keeps flashing a red light.

But you are not entirely sure why the light keeps blinking. So, you decide to find out what the red light means. In this blog post, I will share with you what the red light means.

What Does Red Light Mean In A Portable Blender?

  • The battery is low.
  • The blender jar is not straightened up with the base.
  • Blades are blocked.
  • It is charging.

The battery is low


Since the portable blender runs with a battery, the battery can run down after several uses. This means that you need to charge it up before it can be used again.

However, to show that the battery is low, a red light might start blinking on the portable blender’s indicator. When it shows the light, then you have to do the needful which is to charge it.

The blender jar is not straightened up with the base

All blenders are made in a two-piece set which includes the blender jar and the blender base. The jar must be locked up with the base before you blend your ingredients. If the blender jar isn’t placed on the base properly there’s no way it will work.

If this is the case with your portable blender, it will indicate this red light to let you know. After seeing that it is not straightened up with the base, you have to realign it properly. Take note, there’s a magnet beneath the blender jar and base.

So, it will seem like they have been aligned at some point, but you need to check properly for confirmation.

The blades are blocked

Another thing the red light could mean is that the blades are blocked, so you need to check it. Maybe after using your portable blender, you didn’t wash it and you just kept it aside for the next use.

Or you washed it, but you didn’t wash it properly. The ingredients that are not washed might block the blades, and to indicate the blocked blades, a red light appears on the portable blender.

It is charging

The red light can also mean the portable blender is charging. Before charging it, it will show a red light to indicate a low battery. When charging, the red light will still show to let you know it is charging. Then, if it is fully charged, a blue light will show on the portable blender.

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Why is my portable blender not working?

Perhaps you turned on your portable blender to blend your favorite fruit smoothie only to end up disappointed because it’s not working. Below are the reasons why your portable blender might not work.

  • It is overloaded.
  • You are yet to unplug it.
  • The fuse is burnt.
  • Damaged blender base.
  • The terminals are dirty.
  • It’s not charged.

It is overloaded

If the portable blender is overloaded with ingredients, it won’t work because you have filled it beyond its capacity. The blender is called portable for a reason, which means the ingredients you can blend in it should be for its size.

Imagine putting the number of ingredients you’d blend in your normal-sized electrical blender in the portable blender and you want it to blend it. There’s no way it’s going to do that.

You are yet to unplug it

Perhaps you were charging your portable blender and you found out that it was showing a blue light (meaning it’s fully charged), you decided to use it but you forgot to unplug it. The portable blender won’t work when it is charging for safety reasons, so just because you forgot to remove the cord it won’t work.

The first thing you should do when you see that your portable blender is fully charged is to unplug it. Kindly make this a habit, so you won’t think your portable blender is faulty.

The fuse is burnt

The fuse is located in the blender’s base, and it’s a vital electrical safety device that works as the overcurrent safety of an electric circuit. Once this is burnt, your portable blender won’t be able to work with the current that is being passed into the motor.

Use a multimeter to find out the state of the fuse. If it is burnt, you need to change it for the portable blender to work.

Damaged base

The base consists of a lot of important electrical device that helps the blender to function. So, if the base is damaged, the blender won’t work. You need to scrutinize the base properly for any burn. If you find out it is damaged, then you’d have to reach out to the brand for help.

You might be asked to purchase a new base or a new portable blender. In most cases, the manufacturer will take care of the replacement, only if your portable blender is on warranty.

The terminals are dirty

Firstly, an appliance or device will never function properly if its terminals are dirty. This is why cleanliness is usually emphasized. It is very important to clean your appliances such as the portable blender, so they can work properly.

Dirty terminals are a huge one for the portable blender because it can’t handle dirt. The only way out of this is to clean the portable blender. Use different cleaning agents to clean any parts that might get damaged i.e metal parts to prevent rusting. .

It’s not charged

Finally, another reason why your portable blender might not be working is that it’s not charged. If the battery is low, it won’t work. Also, you can’t use it while it’s charging.

Perhaps you charged it and you ate wondering why the portable blender it’s not working. If the blender didn’t show a blue light, then it’s not charged.

Kindly check the USB cord you used as it can be faulty. Try to use another USB. Also, if it’s not the USB cord, then check the adapter you used. Maybe the adapter is faulty.

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Can I put my portable blender in the freezer?

No, you cannot put your portable blender in the freezer. Putting the portable blender in the freezer will damage the battery and the lifespan will be reduced. It could also affect some of the devices in the blender base, causing them not to function properly as they should.

Technically, if the normal-sized blender will be kept in the freezer, you can’t put the motor along with it. It will only be the blender jar. This is because the motor cannot or should be kept in a place as cool as the freezer to prevent damage to the electrical system.

If you intend to freeze the blended smoothie or juice in your portable blender by putting it in the freezer, I’d advise that you pour the blended juice into a cup and put it in the freezer. Plus, you should not store your drink in a portable blender for a long period. All of these should be avoided.

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Can the portable blender burn?

Yes, the portable blender can burn. This can happen if you are blending a lot of ice or fibrous ingredients continuously. Doing this can cause the blades to fail and overwork the motor which can cause it to ignite and burn.

Now, you should keep in mind that you are making use of  a portable blender, so you should reduce the level of the blend. And ensure you blend the ingredients the portable blender is capable of.

Even if you are using the electrical blender, you can blend ice or fibrous ingredients continuously, it will burn. That being said, aside from the blades or motor, other components in the portable blender could get burnt if overworked or overloaded.

How long should I charge my portable blender?

You should charge your portable blender for about three to four hours on the first purchase (before use). Then, after using it for the first time, you can charge it for an hour or more.

Besides, the amount of time can vary by brand or edition. For example, if your portable blender has a 4000 mAh lithium-ion battery, it could take more time to charge than a 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery.

It can also depend on the USB cord you are using to charge your blender. Some USB cords are very slow, not excluding the adapter. So, you should take note of these things before charging your portable blender. Ensure they are in good condition before using them to charge your blender.

What Does Red Light Mean In A Portable Blender-Conclusion

The red light can mean a lot of things in a portable blender and they have been listed in this blog post. Try to examine your portable blender to find out which one of them is the reason why your portable blender is showing the red light.

More information about the portable blender was shared to help you out in case you encounter an issue like that.

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