Can I Use A Portable Blender While Charging?

Have you ever thought of using the portable blender while charging it? Perhaps you were thinking you could make use of the portable blender just like the normal-sized blender. You’d find out if you can in this blog post.

No, you can not use a portable blender while charging it. Using the portable blender when charging will only reduce the lifespan and damage the battery. Although there are some portable blenders like the blendjet that won’t turn on if you are charging it.

But for the ones that will turn on when charging, do not use them. The manufacturer of the portable blender already predicted the number of years the blender would last. But you can reduce the years with the way you make use of it.

How do I know if my portable blender is charged?


You can know if the portable blender is charged when it shows either a blue or green color. On the base of the portable blender, there is a ring-like shape designed at the center.

The light shows around the shape to indicate three things which are; low battery, it is charging, and it is fully charged.

However, the light shown around the ring can be different depending on what it is indicating. The light could be red, pink, or purple, and blue or green which depends on the edition or brand of the portable blender you are using.

That being said, if you see a blue or green color blinking on your portable blender, it means your blender is fully charged.

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How long should I run my portable blender?

You should run your portable blender in short intervals of 25 seconds or 30 seconds. Doing this will prevent the portable blender from overheating. We all make the mistake of leaving the blender to run continuously without giving it any break.

This is why the blender develops faults easily due to overworking. Most especially when you want the portable blender to deal with hard ingredients such as nuts, seeds, and so on, the break in between will prevent any issue that might want to develop.

If you put your ingredients in the blender jar and you start blending, but the portable blender starts making a high-pitched noise or keeps rolling the ingredients without blending, stop the blending cycle.

After stopping it, try to add more liquid to the ingredients, use a spatula to stir the ingredients up to the blades, and give it a break interval in between the cycle.

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Is a portable blender worth it?

Of course, a portable blender is worth the purchase. The portable blender can be very useful for you in a lot of ways depending on your lifestyle.

It was made to make things easier for you, especially when it is pertaining to your meals or diet. Just like what it’s called- a portable blender, it is compact, lightweight, powerful, and very easy to store and use. It can be used like a normal-sized electrical blender, but the difference is the size and watts of the motor.

That being said, to show you the worth of the portable blender, I’d share with you the benefits of using or having this blender below.

  • It can be used on the go.
  • Tasks will be made easier.
  • Accomplish your fitness motives.

It can be used on the go

If you are the adventurous type, you know, always going camping, hiking, traveling, etc, the portable blender is just the best for you.

The portable blender is very lightweight and compact. It can fit in your bag and it can be carried anywhere.

You just have to bring it out of your bag and start making that juicy recipe. You don’t have to worry about the battery, you can charge the portable blender with your power bank when the battery is down. Even before the battery power goes down, you’d make different drinks at least 15 times.

Tasks will be made easier

If you want to blend small quantities of ingredients, the portable blender can help you with that. If you want to make healthy diet drinks such as cocktails, slushes, smoothies, milkshakes, coffees, etc for yourself,  you will do it with the portable blender without any hassle.

The portable blender can work as a normal electrical blender, but you won’t have to wait for electricity before you can power it on. It is as powerful as those blenders regardless of its small size. You can crush ice, pulverize foods, and do other things with the portable blender.

Accomplish your fitness motives

If your priority is to look fit and have a healthy diet, the portable blender can help you accomplish your goals. You can take the portable blender to the office to make your dietary drinks, you can use it while working out or at the gym to make your workout smoothie.

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How should I choose a portable blender?

If you decide to purchase a portable blender, you’d want to make sure you purchase a good one. So, you need to know the factors that make up a good portable blender which I’d share with you in this blog post.

Know the limitations

You should know the limitations of the blender you are purchasing. Firstly, always remember that it is compact and can’t be compared to an actual electrical blender you are used to. So, it can’t do all the things the electrical blender does.

For instance, it can’t blend fibrous ingredients easily like a normal-sized blender. But it can easily blend fruits and other soft food items for your meal preparation. Know that you can blend the same amount of ingredients you blend in the normal blender in the portable blender. This is because it is likely to leak.

Consider the motor power

Just like the electrical blender has motor power, the portable blender also has. The motor power which is the watts will determine how it can break or blend food items.

Imagine buying a blender with a 200 watts motor, it can’t do anything. So, the higher the motor power, the higher the capacity. The lower the motor power, the lower the capacity.

Blades material

You want to make sure that the portable blender you are using is made up of healthy materials. This includes the blades, the jar, and other components. Ensure the blades are made with stainless steel and not plastic.

While the jar should be made with either glass or BPA-free plastic material. Make sure you read through the description to confirm that the plastic material is BPA-FREE. If it’s not, don’t buy the portable blender.


The size of the portable blender matters. Though they are made in portable sizes, they are usually different in the range of 7 to 16 ounces.

You can purchase a portable blender in sizes 11 to 15 ounces. With this size, you’d be able to blend at least one and a half cups of ingredients. But you can’t grind more than that to avoid leaks.

Read reviews

If you are purchasing the portable blender from an online store, ensure you read reviews from other customers. Most of the customers share their opinions about the products they have used in the review section. Reading through them will help you know if you are buying a good portable blender or not.

If you are buying the portable blender in-store, look at the name and search for it on the Internet to read the reviews. 80% of the things in-store are sold online, except newly opened brands. So, you’d see reviews about the products that will help you decide.


Is the portable blender the same as the blendjet?

The blendjet is also a portable blender, and other brands make portable blenders too. Brands like blendaco also make portable blenders. They all perform the same function, although they are made with different capacities.

Each brand makes different editions of the portable with different capacities. For instance, blendjet made two different editions of the portable blender which are blendjet 1 and blendjet 2. So, just check and purchase whichever one that suits you.

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How long do portable blenders last during blend?

Portable blenders can last up to 15 to 20 blends (depending on the type) after a full charge. If you charge your portable blender well, you’d make use of it countless times before the battery runs down.

Just ensure you make use of the right USB cord and a good adapter to charge your blender. If you don’t have an adapter, you can use your phone, laptop, power bank, etc to charge it. Also, make sure you don’t use it while it’s charging.

Can I Use A Portable Blender While Charging-Conclusion

It is not advisable to use a portable blender when charging. Use it after it is fully charged, so the battery lifespan won’t be reduced.

In the blog post, I explained how you will know when your portable blender is fully charged, and much more information was shared. I hope this article answers your questions.

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