How Do You Know When Blendjet Is Fully Charged?

A blendjet blender is a battery-powered appliance that needs to be charged before it can run. Perhaps your blendjet blender ran out of battery. Then, you charged it with its USB cord, after some time, you went back to check it but you are not sure if it’s fully charged.

In this blog post, I’d share with you how you to know when your blender is fully charged.

How Do You Know When Blendjet Is Fully Charged? You would know that your blendjet is fully charged when the ring on the blender is all blue.

Typically, the blendjet will show a red light when the battery is down. When you charge it, it will still show the red light, but will gradually change to a pink or purple light as the battery power increases. As the power increases, the color will change gradually to blue.

Furthermore, it takes about one and a half hours or more than that to get your blendjet blender fully charged. After it is fully charged, you can make use of it for more than 15 times depending on what you are blending.

That being said, while your blendjet is charging, try to take notes of these colors so you won’t be confused.

How do I charge my blendjet blender?


It is important to charge the blendjet blender before using it, but you have to know how to charge it. Follow the steps below on how to charge your blendjet blender.

Step 1

Turn off your blendjet

If you notice that the blending power of your blendjet is reducing, it surely needs to be charged before it turns off completely on its own. Firstly, you should turn the blendjet off.

Step 2

Put the USB cord

Insert the USB cord into the adapter. Without the adapter, you can’t get electricity except if you choose to charge the blender with your PC or laptop.

Step 3

Connect the charger

Put the adapter into the socket. Then, put the USB cord added to the package in the port. The USB cord is usually like the normal android charger.

Step 4


Turn on the socket and when the blendjet shows or blinks a red light, then it is charging.

Step 5

After 1 hour or more, the color should change to blue. If it is fully blue, then it is completely charged.

Can I use my blendjet when it is charging?

Oh, no! You can’t make use of your blendjet blender when it is charging. Using the blendjet blender while it is charging will damage the battery or reduce its lifespan.

Some of the blendjet blenders will not even run when it is charging. So, you should not bother using the blendjet when it is charging.

The blendjet blender isn’t like the regular electrical blender that works while it is connected to electricity. It was made to power with the help of the battery alone.

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Why is my blendjet not charging?

Quite a few reasons can cause your blend jet blender not to charge, and I’d list them below with how to fix them.

  • The charging cord does not work with it.
  • The blend jet base is damaged.
  • The adapter is burnt.
  • The cord is bad

The charging cord does not work with it

Though the blendjet blender makes use of a USB cord like that of an android charger, but not all are compatible to charge it. If you’ve noticed, some phones select charger. The same happens with the blendjet. You would have to get a better charging cord that can work with it before it will charge.

The blendjet base is damaged

One of the reasons why your blendjet is not charging is because the base is damaged. The base could get damaged if it’s immersed in water or if you put in hot liquid of over 120⁰ Fahrenheit in the blender.

This is why it is advisable never to submerge your blender in water even if it’s waterproof. There’s no way to fix this. You might have to purchase a new blendjet, or contact the customer care service to know if you can purchase the base.

The adapter is burnt

You might be thinking the charging cord is the problem whilst the adapter is the actual culprit. The adapter is a device that passes electricity to the cord to charge your phone or blender. Try to use another adapter with the cord, if it works, then you need to purchase a new adapter for your blendjet.

The cord is bad

Perhaps you have been using the cord for a long time, with time, it will show signs that it needs to be changed. One of the signs is not charging your blendjet blender. When the cord is bad, you should charge it before you can charge your blendjet.

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How to maintain my blendjet charging system?

Below are the ways you can take care of your blendjet blender’s charging system.

Tip 1

Do not submerge your blendjet in water, except if it is indicated that the blender is waterproof. Even if it is waterproof, do not immerse it completely in water to avoid damage to some vital components of the blendjet blender.

Tip 2

Let the blendjet blender charge before you make use of it. As aforesaid, the blendjet was made to function with the battery. So, do not use it while it’s charging.

Tip 3

Disconnect the charger cable before you turn on the blender.


What are the dos and don’ts of using a blendjet blender?

When you purchase your blendjet blender, you need to know the important safeguards and cautionary information which are the dos and don’ts.


Below are the dos of using a blendjet blender.

  • Operate your blendjet with the lid well screwed on the jar.
  • Keep your blendjet blender in a safe place and out of the reach of children.
  • Make use of the high-quality USB cord charge, just like the one you use for your mobile phone.
  • Ensure you firmly push the cord into the charging port of the blender.
  • Carefully handle the base of the blendjet blender without the jar locked. This is because a magnet was attached to the base and jar of the blendjet blender, and they must be aligned before the blender will work. You might think that the magnets are aligned when they are not.


Below are the don’ts of using a blendjet blender.

  • Never put your hands anywhere close to the blades when it is spinning. Even if the blendjet lid is off, the blades will still continue working.
  • Do not keep your blendjet blender in the freezer, microwave, or oven. This is because the components in the blendjet can be damaged when it is kept in any of these appliances.
  • Ensure you do not put in any hot liquid over 120⁰ Fahrenheit or 49⁰ Celsius. Hot liquids can cause leaks to the jar and damage the base.
  • Do not put the charging cable on any hot surface. Putting it on hot surfaces can burn the cable.
  • Never let the blendjet blender run when it is empty. It can cause a lot of damage when it does.
  • Make sure you don’t charge your blendjet blender when it is wet.
  • Do not let kids under 14 years old make use of the blendjet blender unattended.
  • The blendjet is not dishwasher safe, so do not put it in a dishwasher. Do not submerge it completely in water, it can affect some parts.
  • Ensure you do not store your blended food in the blendjet blender for a long period.

Is the blendjet blender waterproof?

Of course, the blendjet blender is waterproof. However, I can’t say if it’s all the edition of the blendjet blender that’s waterproof, but it’s usually indicated in the user manual if you want to know.

If you find out that your blendjet blender is water-resistant, you don’t have to worry about water getting into the charging port or some parts of the blender. just ensure, you don’t charge it while it’s still wet.

But if your blendjet is not water-resistant, do not immerse it into water. This is because it will damage the battery, the charging port, and some other vital parts of the blender.

Does the blendjet really work?

Of course, the blendjet works perfectly. The blendjet blender works like a normal electrical blender. The only thing that sets it different is the size and the motor power.

Aside from that, you can do anything with the blendjet blender. Plus, it is very portable that you can carry it around from one location to another.

How Do You Know When Blendjet Is Fully Charged-Conclusion

It is very easy to know when your blendjet is fully charged. You just have to know the colors as explained in this blog post. Aside from this information, many questions were answered to make you have more knowledge about the blendjet. I hope this article will be of help to you. Good luck.

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