What makes Vitamix special?

I dare say there’s no kitchen enthusiast pit there who doesn’t know the quality experience a Vitamix blender brings to a kitchen. I’m not just talking about making awesome smoothies, but the overall advantage it gives you when you need it.

You might think this is another hype of some sort but far from it. To clear your doubts, take a glance at the numerous reviews on marketing sites such as Amazon and eBay, then see for yourself why almost everyone serious about their kitchen business will rather prefer a Vitamix blender over another brand.

Game recognizes game, and I am certain you didn’t just stumble on this topic by accident except you wanted to know for a fact why you should have a Vitamix in your kitchen. Not to waste any more of your time, below is what makes Vitamix special.

A 10-year warranty


Any product with a warranty has full confidence in its capabilities; however, any product with more than a 5-year warranty can be passed down from generation to generation which will save you money in the long run-Vitamix comes with a 10-year warranty. If you’re looking for a blender that will last you a lifetime, look no further.

Chef’s experiences

No one is busier in the kitchen than a chef, and when a good number of recognized chefs give their positive input on what a Vitamix blender does for them in the kitchen, not because they were influenced by the production company in any way or endorsed, then it goes to show you the huge impact such a blender would have on your kitchen.

A blender well-suited for the crowd

Most kitchen blenders will suggest you half-fill the blender’s pitcher to get an even mix of your ingredients. Not only will this take time especially if you have a large crowd to cater to, but it is also stressful and might not guarantee the same blend as the first.

With a Vitamix, you don’t have a problem with filling up the pitcher or container to the brim as the container is designed in such a way to bring the ingredients from top to bottom in little or no time. This means your guests do not have to wait to get served in turns!

Variable speed controls

Unlike a regular kitchen blender, a Vitamix offers you a variety of speed options depending on what you have to prepare. From smoothies to soups, you have textures to choose from to guarantee you an even blend of your favorite delicacy.

Stainless blades

Not to speak wide off the mark, but there are no kitchen ingredients that can withstand the sharpness and toughness of a Vitamix blade. Do you think the seeds are tough? Then it’s because you haven’t used a Vitamix. Watch your seeds grind to a powder in little or no time.

Need I say more? You’re the one who is clearly missing out on blending perfection if you are not using a Vitamix. But before you rush into getting a Vitamix blender, there are some factors you need to consider.

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Factors to consider before buying a Vitamix blender–Buyer’s guide

1. Ensure the warranty is not voided before purchase

There’s a chance that you might not be getting a brand new Vitamix if you aren’t buying from an accredited dealer like Amazon, eBay, or the Vitamix website. It’s not like you would be needing the warranty anyways, but it just makes sense to know you have it handy!

2. Read the manual!

A Vitamix blender is a whole package on its own, and that’s why you shouldn’t neglect the importance of reading the manual to get the best out of it. If you do take the time to read the manual, you’ll discover that the Vitamix you have is more than what you thought it was.

Pitcher size

Check the size of the container and ensure it is large enough to meet your need. Vitamix blenders come in various pitcher sizes, and anyone with a large household will greatly benefit from a large pitcher or container.

I have put together a list of Vitamix blenders that would be well-suited for your kitchen needs. One or all of these will do.

1. Vitamix A3500 smart blender

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First on my list is the Vitamix A3500 smart blender, and for a family with lots of mouths to feed at once, this blender will suit you perfectly. It comes with a 48-ounce container and since you can grind with the container filled to the brim, you wouldn’t have to worry about grinding in batches.

It also comes in 5 programmable settings that include smoothies, soups, frozen deserts and spreads to give you a uniform blend of your recipe anytime you want. The Vitamix A3500 is designed with a touch screen control that gives it its smart vibes and also makes it easy to clean.

Did I also mention that it has a wireless feature that detects the size of the container placed on the motor? With this, the blender automatically adjusts the settings to fit the size of the container placed on the motor. Cool right?

It also comes with lots of other programmable features that should make it worth the while.


  • It comes highly recommended.
  • It’s ideal for a large company.
  • It comes with modern technological advancement.


  • It is not noise-proof.

2. Vitamix Explorian Blender

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Next on my list of highly-rated Vitamix blenders is the Vitamix Explorian blender. This blender is designed with 10 variable speed settings to give you multiple options depending on your blending texture.

With a container size of 64 ounces, you definitely have enough room for everyone’s appetite and this doesn’t make the pitcher any bigger as its size is more in the width than height. It will definitely sit well in your kitchen cabinet.

The hardened stainless-steel blades will ensure that your ingredients are grounded evenly. Finally, the Vitamix Explorian blender is also designed to self-clean which should save you some stress nonetheless.


  • It comes highly recommended.
  • It is ideal for a large crowd or family.
  • It can be stored easily.


  • It is not soundproof.

3. Vitamix blending station

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Talk about power, precision, class, and shear brute force, that’s what you get when you purchase the Vitamix blending station. It comes with everything and anything you will ever need in a blender. Tech-wise, easy functions, suitable to feed a whole family at once, the Vitamix blending station has it all covered and you can be sure to enjoy its benefits for a very long time. Besides, this particular brand is being used by major businesses in the world such as Starbucks and Smoothie Kings. Do you still need any other proof that this is just what your kitchen needs?


  • It comes highly recommended.
  • It is noise-proof.
  • It is ideal for a functional family.


  • Although you are certain to get your money’s worth, $1500 might be too pricy for some.

4. Vitamix Red 7500 blender

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Finally on my list is the Vitamix Red 7500 blender. This one comes with all the essentials you would love in a blender, from having a 64-ounce container to having very sharp blades capable of lashing out at any ingredients it comes in contact with, you really have a machine in your hands.

The Vitamix red blender comes with multiple speed controls that give you the freedom to choose from several recipe blend recommendations.

The easy clean feature is also one that comes in handy, especially when you don’t feel like doing a thorough clean on your blender. This is one kitchen blender you should consider having, especially during festive periods.


  • It is ideal for a big house gathering or get-together.
  • It comes in a nice fiery red color.
  • It doesn’t occupy space on the kitchen cabinet.


  • It is not noise-proof.

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Why is Vitamix better than others?

One of the key reasons why Vitamix is preferred to other blenders is mainly because of speed variations that are usually up to ten. This means the user has the flexibility to get any texture they desire without having to second-guess their options.

Does Starbucks use Blendtec or Vitamix?

Well, it will interest you to know that Starbucks used Blendtec in the past, but has since moved to the Vitamix station which has been reviewed in this article. Since their switch to Vitamix, the station model has been used in every Starbucks franchise around the world.

What does smoothie king use?

Just like Starbucks, smoothie king uses the Vitamix station blender in all their branches around the world due to how efficient they are when it comes to making smoothies.

Conclusion-What makes Vitamix special

If most of the big kitchen cooperation use a Vitamix blender to run their day-to-day business, I see no reason why a homeowner shouldn’t go for an item that’s trusted to rake in millions of dollars yearly. Regardless of the Vitamix model you purchase, you’ll definitely be doing yourself a solid in the long run. You’ll thank me later. Cheers.

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