Ninja Foodi Cold And Hot Blender Vs Vitamix

Has your current blender been giving you issues recently? Does it jerk when grinding or does it not grind your ingredients to the needed consistency? Or perhaps it got spoiled recently, and you are on a search for a new one to suit your needs in the kitchen?

Actual facts reveal- there are a lot of blending appliances that do not have the capacity/ability to grind hard food items like your nuts, carrots, garlic, and ginger. When you attempt to use them, you end up with big chunks holding up to the nutrients that you actually need.

Moving forward, whatever liquidizer you are getting should be able to accomplish a variety of tasks such as making soups, coffee, etc, aside from making juice. However, in the whole blender industry, the two most popular and powerful blenders are Ninja and Vitamix.

Ninja Foodi Cold And Hot Blender Vs Vitamix? They are both pricey, but many people are still confused about which to buy. Hence, this would lead to the comparison of both liquidizers in this blog post. But before then, let’s find out about the facets to consider in blending appliances.

Factors To Consider Before Obtaining Your Blender – Either Ninja Or Vitamix



The most crucial factor to consider before obtaining your blender is the speed. There are high-speed and low-speed (often seen as the normal blender) liquidizers, and it is usually advised that you go for the high-speed blender.

This is because the high-speed liquidizer is able to blend hard items such as nuts, and the low-speed liquidizer cannot blend them – they will only leave big chunks and withhold the nutrients you need.

You should never neglect the speed of the liquidizer you are obtaining, be it Ninja or Vitamix, this is because the speed of a liquidizer is proportional to its ability and capacity.


Whilst speed is a crucial part to consider in a liquidizer you wish to obtain, the blades should also be considered as it plays a huge factor in the blending system.

Usually, the blades are produced with different materials depending on the brand, but mostly with stainless steel, plastic, and metal. Amongst these types of blades, the stainless steel blades are advised to look out for.

This is because they are durable and hygienic to be used for blending. The cut of the blade should also be in a diamond shape, as this shape makes the blade blend the items fast and accurately.

Material of the blender container

One thing you shouldn’t ignore when purchasing a liquidizer is the material used in producing the blending container.

Do you know why this matters? If the material used in making the jar of your liquidizer is bad, then your health would be at risk as the liquidizer jar is used to contain/house your food items.

But if it is good, then you have nothing to worry about regarding your health. And you won’t even have to worry about the container leaking when you are blending.

I would propose that you go for liquidizer containers that are made with glass, rather than plastics. Even if you want to go for plastic jars, ensure by all means that they are BPA-free.

The capacity of the container

Finally, It is important that you take note of the number of servings the container of the liquidizer you are obtaining can blend. Why is this important?

If you are acquiring this blender for your food business, you know you’d be making a large portion of food at once. Hence, you have to blend large quantities of ingredients, so there is no way you will purchase a vitamiser that the container can only contain one serving at a time.

Perhaps you have a large family, you can purchase a blender with a one-serving compartment. This is why you make check the description of the liquidizer and see how large the container of the blender is.

Just ensure you purchase a blender that has a container that can blend two to three servings, and not lower than that. This would reduce your stress in the kitchen and make your cooking even faster.

With all that has been mentioned above, let’s dive right in to the critical review of these two powerful blenders. Sit back!

Ninja Foodi Cold And Hot Blender Vs Vitamix

Having known the important factors you should look out for in a vitamiser, let’s proceed to the comparison. I would recommend two blenders on each brand, and at the end, I’d give you my result on which is best. Let’s get right into it!

 1. Ninja HB152 Foodi Heat-iQ Blender

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Personally, I would call this blender the strongest of all Ninja liquidizers. Not only is it the strongest, but also a beauty. If you run a small food business, this blender is so much equipped to help you accomplish the texture you need after grinding your ingredients.

If you took note of the facets I listed for you to consider, you’d know that this blender is an all-purpose appliance. No more worries about making your pureé, soups, and other food types. This liquidizer is high-speed, made with a 64-oz glass container, 800 watts warming substance, and 1400-peak-watt motor.


  • Aptitude to melt numerous servings.
  • Granulate ice flawlessly.
  • The blender jug is made of glass.
  • It has the proficiency to heat soup.


  • It is problematic to tidy after use.
  • It doesn’t have an acceleration dial.

2. Ninja BN801 Professional Plus Kitchen System, 1400 WP, 5 Functions for Smoothies, Chopping, Dough & More with Auto IQ, 72-oz.* 

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Are you a morning person that loves making smoothies or fruit juice? Or do you have kids that you have to make homemade drinks for? This vitamiser was made to complete and easily execute that task for you.

This Ninja liquidizer is highly active, high capacity to crush nuts and frost, functions faultlessly as a food processor and blender, and many more.

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When you are talking about a modern vitamiser, this blender is evidence of it. This is because it was invented with auto-IQ technology, different blades, extra large jars for considerable servings, kneading cutters, and other characteristics.

Also, this amazing blender is made in a beautiful design that you will never want to stop looking at.


  • Crushes hard ingredients properly.
  • It has the ability to process and blend food.
  • Availability of auto-IQ technology.
  • It has different types of cutters to make any recipe.


  • It makes a lot of noise when functioning.

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3. Vitamix A3500 Brushed Stainless Blender

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I call this liquidizer the overall best among all other blenders. This is because of the blending quality, installed features, long-term warranty, and long-term use. This blend can make your favorite peanut butter, juice, and smoothie.

In fact, it also allows you to make your soup easier, and also kneads your dough perfectly. This particular vitamiser is worth your money investment, as you’d enjoy every bit of this blender.

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As aforementioned, obtaining a blending appliance formulated with stainless steel cutters is the best, and fortunately, this Vitamix liquidizer has stainless cutters. You can effortlessly adjust the blending periods and rates.


  • It is worth the bargain.
  • Very susceptible to clean – dishwasher and self-cleaning safe.
  • It fits every countertop.
  • It had wireless connectivity.
  • High motor power.


  • Very pricey.

4. Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container

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There comes this lovely and wonderful Vitamix blender. This vitamiser is perfect for home use, small businesses, and large businesses. It comes with a 1640 watts of motor, one type of blade that is adequate for pulverization, a controllable dial momentum with ten blend modes, and a blender jug that is BPA-free.

Ever heard that dull blades make whatever you want to meld smoothly because they have the proficiency to granulate properly? Moving forward, this blender can monitor and make heated mixtures and pureé. Hence, you have fewer worries in the kitchen and your diet preparation is made faster than ever.

As aforesaid, you are to be on the lookout for BPA-free blender containers, and luckily, this liquidizer’s jar is put together with a BPA-free material.


  • It lasts for a long period.
  • Availability of a long-term contract.
  • Blades are formulated with stainless steel.
  • The liquidizer container is BPA-free which makes it healthy to use.
  • It is totally worth your penny.


  • As perfect as this blending appliance is, the only disadvantage is that it is very pricey.

Ninja Foodi Cold And Hot Blender Vs Vitamix-Conclusion

From the looks of the comparison of the two blending appliances – Ninja and Vitamix, the Vitamix appliance wins the competition. However, It is not that the Ninja appliance is not satisfactory either, it is. The Ninja blender is a liquidizer you can acquire if you require a blending machine at a low expense.

But if you require a vitamiser that can offer you the services you desire for an extended time, you should obtain the Vitamix grinder. The only problem with this liquidizer is the cost, but it is a good investment to make.  Disclaimer: there is room for improvement on both brand so you may never know what the Ninjas has are cooking.  Cheers.

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