Can I Use A Vitamix In An RV?

One of the most convenient ways of going camping can be done with an RV. This is because you’d get access to a kitchen, just like you do at home. And in a kitchen, you need a blender to blend your ingredients and do some mixing.

Perhaps you are thinking of taking your Vitamix blender with you in your RV, but you are not sure if it can be used in it? So, in this blog post, we would find out if you can and also answer some other questions.

Can I Use A Vitamix In An RV? Yes, you can use a Vitamix in an RV. You can make use of your Vitamix blender on shore power or either your RV is being powered by a generator. The only problem you might have with the Vitamix is the power it uses a lot. Also, it makes a lot of noise too.

Aside from that, the Vitamix blender can be used when you are camping or traveling with your trailer. You won’t face any breakdown or fault when using your Vitamix. Although the motor power of the

Vitamix blender you are traveling with matters most times. Just make sure the motor power isn’t too high to run down the battery of the RV or inverter. Also, the Vitamix you are taking with you should be portable as you don’t want it to occupy a lot of space in your RV.

Can an inverter run a Vitamix blender?


Of course, an inverter can be used to run a Vitamix blender. In fact, it is the best option you can use to make your favorite fruit juice or smoothie when camping. Most people even use their blender with the inverter at some parks. You should know that the inverter has been made with enough power, how you use it depends on you.

However, when purchasing the inverter you should consider the watts. This is because you won’t want to use the inverter for just your blender, you would want to use it for other things. So, the watts of the inverter would matter a lot.

Furthermore, you can use the inverter in your RV if you don’t want to run a generator. The inverter doesn’t make much noise, so you can have a peaceful camp while you are getting things done.

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How long can I run my inverter in my RV?

The amount of time you can run your inverter in your RV depends on the battery. If the inverter has a 100 A.H. battery, you can use it to run your RV for about 10 hours. In fact, some inverters allow you to track the amperes that are being used.

Some camp trailers have an inverter installed in them, and some have a converter charger that takes 120 volts AC from the area and converts it to 12 volt DC to charge your batteries. As long as you know the inverter’s limit, you can keep using it.

But if you don’t know it, ensure you find out about it. Note- all the things that come with the RV have a limit that you must know. Technically, all technology has limits and you must know them, so you don’t make use of them passed their limit.

How much power does the Vitamix have?

The Vitamix doesn’t have one specific power because the blenders are made in different sizes. However, some of the motors of the Vitamix blender have 2 or 2.3 peak horsepower which equals 1,400 watts.

This motor power is strong enough to run the blender to grind hard ingredients without any hassle. Also, the Vitamix blenders with 1,400 watts are professional blenders.

Furthermore, the personal or portable Vitamix blender made for camping, traveling, etc has a low peak horsepower that equates to 750 watts. With this blender, you can make fruit juice and smoothies in small quantities.

In addition, whilst you are purchasing a Vitamix blender to go camping, you have to consider the power. Although it will depend on the number of people you are going camping with. I

f you are not more than 2 or probably 3, you can purchase the portable Vitamix blender with 750 watts of the motor. But if you are quite a lot, I’d suggest you go for the one with 1,400 watts.

What can I make in a Vitamix blender?

A Vitamix blender is much stronger than you and I see it, and you can make a lot of things in it. So, perhaps you are thinking of taking your Vitamix blender when traveling by your RV or car and you are not sure of what you can make with it, you’d find out in this blog post.

Below are what you can make in your Vitamix blender.


If you want to bake while camping, the Vitamix blender has got you covered. It will grind the flour and knead your dough for your snacks in just a few minutes.

Hot soups

Of course, you’d have to make soups while camping, especially if you’d be staying at the camping spot for a few weeks. The blade’s friction is capable of making hot soups in less than 15 minutes.

Although the way you’d make your soups in the blender will depend on the edition of Vitamix blender you have.

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Who says you can’t make pancakes or cookies when camping or traveling with your RV? You can do your daily activities, after all, you are camping. That being said, you can make batters for cookies, pancakes, chops, and other snacks in the Vitamix blender.


A lot of people love smoothies because of the combination of fruits that are used. There are tools you can use to make your smoothies, and one of those tools is the Vitamix blender.

While the Vitamix blender is blending the fruits, it will bring out the vitamins to make it very healthy to drink. Aside from smoothies, you can make your favorite fruit juice in the blender too.


When cooking, you need to prep some ingredients and the most common way is the use of a knife. However, using a knife to shred your ingredients can be very stressful and tedious.

But the Vitamix blender has been made to rescue you from that stress. Now, you can mince your food ingredients with the Vitamix blender without any hassle.

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You’d need  sauce to eat most of your meals like pasta, rice, and so on. Since you are camping, you need every help you can get to make cooking convenient for you.

So, the Vitamix blender will do just that. In the blender, you can make your sauce in a few minutes. Also, you can dress your salads with flavorful dressings with the Vitamix blender.

Baby food

We are definitely not forgetting this. If you have toddlers, you have to make their food. Luckily, the Vitamix blender has been made to help you make your baby food easily. You can make as much food as you want and store it for later.

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Does Vitamix have a portable blender?

Yes, Vitamix has portable blenders. These blenders save space and you can use them to make single or double servings of ingredients.

Plus, if you are traveling, you can take it with you in your car or bag. It can be used at home, at the park, at the office, and in other places. One of those Vitamix portable blenders is the Vitamix ONE

All the portable Vitamix blenders can be used the same way other blenders are used. Although, it’s just that you might not be able to make much quantity in it.

You may also want to checkout the Vitamix immersion blender which is another portable equipment that works wonder in the kitchen.

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Can you run a blender off a car battery?

Oh, yea! You can run a blender off a car battery. Although this will depend on a lot of things like for instance, the power of the blender. Some hand or portable blenders do not need a lot of power to run, but professional and classical blenders would need a lot.

Notwithstanding, in case you are traveling in your car and you need to make a smoothie with your portable blender, you can run it with your car battery. Just ensure it is the portable blender you are running with your car battery, so you won’t damage both the battery and the blender (if you are running your professional blender with your car battery).

Can I Use A Vitamix In An RV-Conclusion

You can use your Vitamix in your RV, although you have to deal with the noise. Also, there are portable Vitamix blenders you can purchase for traveling and they will run the same way professional blenders will do.

If you have an inverter and you are not sure if you can use it with your blender, you’d find out in this article that it is absolutely okay to use your blender with your inverter. Aside from these, much more information about Vitamix blenders and RVs were discussed in this blog post.

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