How To Prevent Burning Smell  In Kitchen Blenders

Lets ponder a little on this topic before we begin full discussion.  Can we prevent a blender from emitting burning smell?  Well we can if we try these few steps when using it. Although burning smells from kitchen blenders often seem normal.

Incase your are in a hurry and only interested in finding the solution to ending the burning smell coming out of your dear blender, the next paragraph is for you. But if you are curious to find out why the burning smell might be normal, then read deeper.

In a hurry? Here are few useful and productive tips to managing the burning smells from your kitchen blender during blend.

Pro Tips On How To Prevent Burning Smell  In Kitchen Blenders


Tip 1: 

When blending, we should pulse or turn the blender off after few seconds of straight running.

It is not a good choice to blend for straight 5minutse. Such practice can burn out the blender motor ..or even cause it to overheat.

Tip 2.

Keep your blender away from insects and mice. They are capable of tampering with the wires.

Once the wires have been disconnected by mice or insects it will lead to massive damage when you turn it on to blend.  At this point,  nothing can stop the blender from smoking everywhere. Ensure you store your blender in a clean-insect-and-mice-free-space.

Also avoid things that can attract them(rodents and insects) by giving your blender thorough cleaning after use. The cleanup should extend to the motor as well not just the jar. But do not immerse in water. A damp towel will be just fine.

Tip 3.

Overloading your blender is not allowed if you want to eliminate the burning smell. If you overload your blender, you over work it. Any machine that is overworked will surely burn out.

The blender is yours so why hurry? Exercise a little bit of patience when blending by putting small at a time. Nothing is wrong if you ground in 4-5 batches depending on the volume of what you are blending.

Your blender’s welfare should be of great concern to you and in turn, you will get a better result.

Tip 4.

The quality of blender matters in this contest. For a heavy duty job, get a heavy duty blender. You can  consider this heavy duty monster “Blendtec Classic 575 Blender Wildside” which is known for its wild performance in breaking down hard ingredients.

Knowing how hard it is to breakdown whole dry grains, ice cubes and other hard stuffs. So it will be wise if you get a blender that can process them instead of burdening your smoothie maker with coffee beans- disastrous!

Worthy of note is the size of jar.  So consider your blending container size along side the motor size because, good space for makes a happy blending.

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What Does It Mean If Your Blender Smokes?

If your blender smokes, it is an indication that something is wrong or about to go wrong. I will like to emphasize that smokes from kitchen blenders are not to be ignored.

It is a danger alert, a red flag that needs attention as quickly as possible. Please do not ignore any sign that your kitchen blender gives; be it change in sound, emission of smoke, unusual vibrations and so on.

If you notice that you blender is projecting unusual signs, take it to a technician for observation and possible repairs. Sometimes it might just require a part replacements so do not panic.

Is It Harmful To Use A Smoking Kitchen Blender?

Yes! it is and can be hazardous too. Deciding to manage a smoking blender in such condition is clearly a death warrant.

Smoking is literally blenders way of crying for help. Here the smokes are its tears. With this in mind, it always a better option to suspend whatever activity we are carrying out with the blender and give it a  close observation.

Harm will be done to your blender if you choose to continue using while its emits smoke and on the later run, it might go into sudden sleep and stop functioning.

This stop can either be temporal or permanent. So be fair too your blender at all times and in any situation.

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You will save yourself from smoke related health complications if you turn off your smoking/ burnt blender and step out of the room for a while to allow the smoke go out to the room.

Just as no smoke is good for the human body, blender smoke is bad for your health. Using a smoky blender and inhaling the smoke could cause harm to you.

So yes, it is harmful to use a smoking blender. Here your health will be affected and the other reason is that your blender will be destroyed in the process.

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Why Does My Blender Smell Like Its Burning?

Many factors can be responsible but it doesn’t also rule out the possibility that it could actually be burning inside.

Blenders often emit burning smells when they are bought newly. I have experienced it with my newly purchased blenders.

So I have come to a conclusion that new blender engines emit burning smells as a way of warming up.

Mind you, this burning smell does not include physical smoke

This kind of burning smell from newly purchased blender motors are not too noticeable because its usually mild.

Another factor that can make a blender smell like it’s burning is if it’s overloaded. Having too many stuffs in this blender can burden the blades.

Such act can make the blades to get stuck. And if you continue running the blender with the hope that the blades will free up, then you are putting too much pressure on the blades.

When too much pressure bruises the clutch, it brings about the burning smell we observe when are using our blender.

A kitchen blender could smell like its burning if there has been some electrical damage done to the motor.

It could be due to high/low voltage. It could also be as a result of fluctuations in the voltage or partial contact from the socket.

Running your blender without giving small stops at interval can also make it smell like its burning.

Tip: the burning smell mostly suggest that something is going wrong with the blender and an immediate attention can avert the danger ahead.

But while some burning smell will go away if the blender is turned off and allowed to cool, others will need repairs to get back on track.

If it doesn’t come up after a while of cooling, you might have to take it to a technician for close observation. Or refer to the warrantee

What Should I Do If My Blender Starts Smoking?

Haven listed the possible causes of smoking blender and ways to prevent future happenings it will be vital to know the first thing to do immediately your blender starts smoking.

If your blender starts smoking quickly stop the motor and disconnect from power.

But if you are too scared and can’t  go near the socket at the time its burning, just go to your power supply and shutdown the entire house from power.

This is a better assurance for many. It works for me sometimes when am afraid to touch my gadgets.

Detach the motor and store it in a refrigerator and allow to cool for a good while.

This trick worked for me when mine encountered such incidence. IG might work for yours if there damage has not gone beyond what cooling device can handle.

Can A Kitchen Blender Explode?

As quick as this appliance can be in terms of food puree, it has few downsides.

Explosion in blenders are often caused by human errors. When we fail to apply caution, the inevitable is bound to take place.

So, how does this explosion in kitchen blender occur?

Well it occurs mostly in hot soup puréeing. Hot soup/food puree requires some technical know-how in order to avert blender explosion.

Since hot soups produce steams, it will be wise to remove the cap on the lid and place a towel there.

Fold the towel but ensure its not so thick so the air/ steam can escape while you puree.

Failure to do this will cause the steam to build up and explode inside the blender leading to regrettable mess.

How Do I Fix A Burnt Blender?

It is always safer to take damaged appliances to professional technicians for any form of assessment and possible repairs. Not withstanding, if you have prior knowledge in repairs, I’ll show you how I fixed mine as you read on.

Note that  damages done to a burnt blender can either be minor or major. If minor, you can do a quick fix but if its major, please seek professional attention!

Here Is How You Can Fix A Burnt Bender:

Step 1:

Never forget to unplug from power supply. Disconnect first before any attempt to fix an electrical appliance.

Step 2:

Locate the fuse in the wire from the multi speed switch to the motor.

Step 3:

Disconnect the wire and use a continuity tester or multi tester to check the fuse.

Step 4:

If the circuit is open, the fuse is blown.  So if yours is open, then you have a minor issue that will  be easy to resolve. Cheers!

Replace the faulty in-line fuse with one of identical rating and your worries will be over.

Step 7:

Assemble the switch and try turning on the bender to check if you have been able to solve the problem.

Tip- If you have replaced the burnt fuse and your blender still doesn’t respond as should, then I advice you seek professional help. The damage might be more than it seems.

What’s That Burning From My Blender-Conclusion

Honestly, kitchen blenders are not hard to operate.  As a matter of fact, most manufacturers design them to be user friendly.

If you are having any difficulty in getting the best out of your device, just refer to the user’s guide for better understanding of how your blender design works.

Choose to use your kitchen blender the right way as suggested in this article and save yourself from hazardous sticky situations.

Read thoroughly the procedure for fixing a MINOR fault in your blender. If you do not have good  knowledge in this area or do not understand  clearly the procedure, avoid damaging your blender by personal attempt to fix things.

Just seek professional assistance and it will save you more.  Ensure you do what you can to prevent the motor from burning out because most times it doesn’t come as it used to be after repairs. Unless you are ready to go for a total part replacement or get a new one.

I have hope that haven read through the numerous factors that make kitchen blender smell like its burning or actually burning out, you will do the right thing to prevent it!

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