What Is The Black Stuff From My Nutribullet Blender?

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It is common to notice a black stuff issuing forth from a nutribullet blender. This black substance is usually a mixture of the lubricants used to smoothen or oil its moving parts and the blended substance. In some cases, the black substance can be as a result of a leaking gasket, which is a tight seal on its blades.

This black effluent can be cleaned by putting the blender in a dishwasher or soaking in soapy water in order to remove the lubricant that could be causing it. If this is not done, the lubricating oils used in the blender can be lost thereby causing excessive wear to the bearings in the blender.

If you are wondering what a nutribullet blender is, here is a brief introduction- It is an equipment for slicing or cutting up ingredients preparatory to a meal or any spice drink. It is capable of grinding up all kinds of food into drinks, and in addition, it can also extract nutrients from either fruits or even seeds.

Commonly, they are made from plastics, and that includes the power base too. Obey all instructions given by the manufacturers when using the device, in order to prevent rusting and other types of malfunctions.

It uses an electric motor that can be powered via electricity from the national grid through a wall socket or run by a rechargeable battery. On top of its electric base sits a cup with a wide opening through which you shove in the ingredients to be blended.

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Why is my nutribullet blender leaking black liquid?

 Most commonly, your nutribullet blender may be leaking a black liquid when the gasket that seals the blades is either spoilt or broken.

Whenever this happens, the lubricating substance is able to squeeze through the broken seal and mix up with whatever it is you are blending in a black thick mixture.

The escape of lubricating oils will inevitably cause an increase in friction whenever the blender is in use, which will raise its temperature than may result in damaging the blender if left unchecked.

So, in order to prevent this from happening, you are advised to replace the damaged gasket with the help of a qualified technician.

When can I tell that my nutribullet blender is under attack?

It is easy to know with certainty when your blender is under attack through certain diagnostic signs. First, your blender is bound to become excessively noisy when in use, and this happens when its moving parts such as the electric motor or blades are not well lubricated.

In such instances, the blender is also likely to become a little bit overheated to the touch. Another common problem with nutribullet blenders is the spilling of fluid, especially when you do not leave airspace in the blender cup that will allow proper grinding to take place.

Other complaints are likely to occur too, if you do not follow the instructions given when using the blender, such as the blades becoming rusted prematurely. The power base of the blender can also become both shaky and noisy if it is not screwed tight during assembling.

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What are the signs and preventive measures to take with a malfunctioning nutriblullet blender?

 When the blender becomes too noisy than it was making in the beginning, you should see to it that all its moving parts are promptly and adequately lubricated.

Furthermore, you should also make sure that its power base is screwed tightly too. If you notice the signs of any black stuff leaking from around the root of the blades, through which it is connected to the motor, ensure that your blade gaskets are changed immediately as well.

The blender will also most likely leak or spill its contents whenever it is filled to the brim. To stop this, make sure that you leave an airspace in the blender when grinding. You can do this by not filling its cup to the brim.

Always make sure that you fill it only up to the indicated marks on its siding. The power base can also become shaky and noisy too. In which case, all that may be required of you is to tighten it strongly. In order to prevent rust, always make sure that you clean your blender thoroughly after each use preparatory to the next use.

After washing, dry the blender up with the use of a soft towel or any clean cloth.

Are the black stuffs from my Nutribullet blender normal?

 For what it is worth, the black stuff from your blender is not normal at all. It simply tells you that, somewhere around its blades, lubricating substances are able to find enough space or tear in its gasket to squeeze or seep through and emerge outside.

Get a replacement gasket as soon as possible.

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How long should one use a nutribullet blender before changing it?

 The length of time a blender can take before it needs to changed depends on a lot of other factors, such as diligent and proper use, regular cleaning and maintenance, etc.

Your blender is also likely to last much longer if you use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions too. Never overfill your blenders with ingredients when blending; it is best to shove in a reasonable quantity of ingredients at a time, and not to risk filling it up to the brim.

All in all, if you strictly adhere to these rules, your blender can last for between one to five years, or even for much longer too, before you start thinking of replacing it.

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What are the parts of a nutribullet blender and their functions?

 A typical nitribullet blender has many vital parts, such as the 2 short cups and the tall one, which are used for drinking; the handles which are utilized in drinking too. The lids on a blender are also important in keeping the contents of the blender to stay fresh.

In addition, a nutribullet blender also have an electric motor that forces the blades to rotate and blend efficiently. Another significant part of a nutribullet blender is its pulse panel through which you can put on or switch off the unit effectively as required. Here is a typical example of what a nutribullet looks like

How to wash or clean a nutribullet blender thoroughly,  in order to remove dirt or any blended particles.

 Washing a blender is something one should do every so often for effective maintenance and proper use, as well as keeping it in top shape.

The most recommended approach is to wash those parts that are easily removable separately, such as the blades,  cups, lids and rings, which are for the most part dishwasher safe. The following steps will suffice for this purpose:

Step 1

Rinse all the removable parts before putting them in the dishwasher.

Step 2

Ensure that all those parts that may be affected by excessive heat are kept away from any high temperatures, particularly since many of them are made of rubber or plastic and other such heat vulnerable substances.

Step 3

Next, add a few drops of dish soap and proceed to scrub away any stuck-on food debris with the aid of a sponge or whatever else you find usable, provided it will not harm any blender components. You can also add a few drops or one tablespoon of vinegar and baking soda, so that the blender will be about three-quarters full.

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Step 4

Now, go ahead and put in your hand gloves and shake the mixture in the blender vigorously for about 30 seconds or a little longer than that. In fact, you may continue shaking until the bubbles in the blender washing solution dissipate from the blender container.

Step 5.

Proceed to take off the blender blades using a screwdriver or whatever you find usable for the purpose and wash them separately in warm water.

Step 6

Rinse the inside of the blender with water as well as any stuck residue outside it.

Step 7

Put all the parts back into their proper places, but make sure to replace the blades back before you put on the lid onto the container of the blender.

Step 8

Dry them well before storage by using any dry and clean soft piece of cloth or towel. Throughout, do not use water on the electric base of the blender, but rather wipe it clean with a damp piece of cloth so that water will not permeate inside it. The removal of any traces of water will also protect any metallic components from rusting away prematurely.

When to wash your blender.

It is very easy to know when you should wash your blender, such as when it looks dirty or when it has visible signs of stuck and dried blended stuck debris on its blades or other parts. It is also necessary to wash your blender after it has been in regular use for quite a few times too, whether it looks dirty or not.

You should also wash your blender before every use for proper hygiene. Doing this will rest assure you that you are indeed keeping it in good shape as you ought to.

What Is The Black Stuff From My Nutribullet Blender – Conclusion

 A nutribullet blender comes in quite handy whenever you have a drink or meal to prepare and you need some ingredients to be reduced to smaller sizes or ground. There are various sizes, makes and models of blenders for you to choose from on the market. Use them carefully and maintain them regularly, which will guarantee their longevity at all times.

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