Can You Put Soda In A Blender?

The human species has a very wild imagination when compared to other beings known to us and that’s why we always seek to invent and discover new ideas in every sector we are involved in, be it tech, health, or food.

Over the years, there has been the emergence of many recipes involving different plants and compounds, and the popular soda drink is not left out.

Can You Put Soda In A Blender? Yes, you can put soda in a blender – besides, there are lots of recipes that require soda as I will be sharing shortly.

Although, you should note that the blending process tends to reduce any sort of carbonation in the soda as the carbon dioxide responsible for the carbonation is expelled as the blades are put to action. In simple words, as long as your soda is cold, you are good to go.

Should I Be Concerned About The Safety Of My Blender When Blending Soda?


There are lots of things that go wrong with blending hot liquids, especially if the blender isn’t designed for such content.

However, since the soda tends to lose its carbonation during the blending process which would have increased the pressure in the blending container, then you have nothing to worry about.

We have always attributed the blender to do so much than it was primarily designed for, and while this is true for the most part, there are things you shouldn’t blend in your blender regardless of the superhuman power you attribute to it – I will be listing them below

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What Can You Not Put In A Blender?

1. Don’t blend very hot liquids

In the second paragraph, I highlighted the prerequisite needed to blend soda in blenders – it has to be cold.

I can’t begin to explain the dangers of blending hot liquids in blenders, but for starters, the blending blades revolve at such a high speed that it makes whatever comes in contact with its grinding blade very hot in a matter of seconds, especially if the stuff being blended is liquid.

Now, since the blade already makes a liquid hot, you would only do more harm if you still put a hot liquid in the container. The pressure will be too much to hold for the blender and you might end up with a mini-explosion in your kitchen. I have seen this happen before and I can categorically tell you it’s not a pleasant experience.

If you insist on blending hot liquids, there are blenders specifically designed for such purpose and a perfect example would be immersion blenders, but in terms of soda, I can’t think of any recipe that would recommend you to blend it hot.

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2. Avoid dried fruits in your blender

Some smoothie recipes might require you to blend dry fruits, and while this is okay, you shouldn’t blend them on their own.

This reason is simple; dried fruits are known to have a sort of exterior coating that can render your blender blades useless, some might even get stuck to the blades in an awkward way that prevents them from spinning.

If you must grind your dried fruits, ensure you, at the very least, make them soggy, or better still, break them into tiny bits, and avoid grinding them on their own.

3. Avoid meshing potatoes in a blender

Many persons will quickly turn to their blenders when it comes to meshing potatoes, but little do they know that the end product is more of “paste” than “meshed”.

It’s not like the potatoes will have any detrimental effect on the blender or the blades, but your desired outcome will be ruined.

This is because the speed with which the blades revolve will only blend the potatoes so much that it releases excess starch than is needed.

The solution? Use a ricer if you want to mesh your potato, or a masher would do just fine if you truly want the fluffiness mashed potatoes are known to have.

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4. Ice cubes

I don’t know what would warrant you to break your ice cubes into smaller pieces, but whatever it is, do not use your standard kitchen blender.

Apart from the fact that you might end up with uneven pieces of ice cubes, you also stand a huge risk of dulling the blades of your blender, or worst still, you could damage the pitcher beyond repair.

To be very sure of what your pitcher can handle, read the instruction manual carefully and don’t just fall for anything you see on the pack. You can always break your ice cubes by smashing them with a hammer while the ice cubes are in a plastic bag.

5. Avoid blending very frozen foods

I understand the haste of wanting to get things done quickly, but your haste will be well served if you allow your super-frozen foods to defrost a little before tossing them in the blender.

Blending hard frozen foods such as fruits can ruin the blades of your blender or even cause it to explode as it was with the case of one jenny who happened to be my neighbor.

Even if it blends the frozen item without having any sort of damage to your blender, you will end up having an uneven blend which isn’t even ideal for your smoothie recipe, so all in all, it’s definitely worth the wait.

6. Grinding spices

Based on the blade design of blending machines, blenders aren’t ideal to grind spices. While I will advise you to get your spices already grounded from the market, your sure bet will be to use spice grinders which are primarily designed to grind spices and other herbal components that require blending.

7. Raw foods containing high-fiber

Some persons might feel at ease with grinding raw broccoli in a blender, however, it would serve your blender well to boil them before blending. The same goes for beans; your beans should be cooked before blending otherwise, while you will get the best result using your blender, you will end up dulling the blades in the long run.

8. Foods with a strong smell

If you use your blender to grind multiple foods of a different variety, then I strongly suggest you avoid foods that will leave a strong feeling of their presence behind when they leave the blender.

A typical example would be spicy foods such as ginger, chili, and garlic. If they must be blended, blend them with other food items, or better still, use a spice blender.

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How To Prepare Soda Slurpee

I wasn’t sure of what I was going into when I tried out a home recipe I found on of how to make Coca-Cola Slurpee, but it turned out really good and I decide to make it my recipe to keep.

Below are the ingredients and materials you need to make this work:

Ingredients/materials needed:

  • 3 cups of Cola drinks (the cups should have a measurement of 710 milliliters and should be kept separately).
  • ¼ cup of cherry maraschino juice (59 ml)
  • Maraschino cherries for garnish (2 pieces)
  • 8 ice cubes
  • Blender
  • Refrigerator

Note that this ingredient is sufficient for only two cups of Slurpee.

Step 1- Freeze a one-and-a-half cup of Cola

Using a shallow dish plate for faster timing, pour out a one-and-a-half cup of your measured Cola inside and refrigerate for a minimum of 4-hours or until the content of the dish becomes hard.

Depending on your choice of Cola the freezing time might differ (diet Cola is known to have a lower freezing point compared to the normal Cola).

You can also choose to pour the soda drinks into ice cube trays until you get solid soda cubes (this should take at most 2-hours to accomplish).

Step 2- Refrigerate the other Cola remaining

While you wait for the hard version of Cola, refrigerate the other half in a fridge to retain its coolness. Don’t be alarmed or worried if it would lose its carbonation – it’s okay if it happens.

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Step 3-Pour the frozen Cola and the refrigerated Cola into a blender – include the ice and cheery juice as well

Once the first batch of your Cola is hardened, pour it into a blender along with the other batch of Cola with the ice cubes. Once this is done, measure out about a quarter cup (59 ml) of the maraschino cherry juice and include it in the mixture to provide you with a cheery soda taste.

Step 4- Blend the mixture to your desired texture

Using a high-performance blender, blend the mixture until you achieve your desired texture. Endeavor to pulse from time to time while blending to achieve a uniform blend.

If you want your Slurpee to be thicker than it currently is, include more ice cubes in the blender, but if you want a thinner Slurpee, include more Cola in the mixture.

After blending, serve the Slurpee right away to get the best refreshing taste. You can choose to add the two cheery fruits to each cup of Slurpee you serve for more taste but ensure you dig in before it starts melting.

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How Do You Make A Slushie Without A Blender?

You don’t have a blender but you still want to enjoy the refreshing taste of Slurpee? No problem! Simply use the same ingredients mentioned above, but increase the number of ice cubes to about 10 or 12. You will also be needing a plastic bag for the entire process.

Step 1

Put your cubes into a plastic bag then include about 1 tablespoon of salt inside the bag. Your ice cube should be completely solid to get the best result – no hollow-centered ice cubes. The reason for including the salt is to reduce the melting point of the cubes and help your Slurpee mix well and fast.

Step 2

Using a separate seal-able plastic bag, pour in one cup of Cola and seal up the plastic bag. Ensure you remove all the air in the bag before sealing the bag, and make sure the bag isn’t leaking out the Cola.

Step 3

Place the cola bag inside the ice bag and seal them together – you don’t have to bother about removing the air. Using your hands, shake the bags together until the Cola freezes to form a slush-like mixture.

If your hands start getting cold, use a towel to hold the bag together as you shake. To reduce the time needed to freeze the Cola, add more salt to the ice to reduce the melting point of the ice.

Once your Cola freezes up, add your cheery juice and shake it together to get an even blend. Serve immediately to get the best result.

Other FAQs:

Will Soda Explode In A Blender?

Soda will not explode in a blender when blended, however, you are likely to get a bubbly and frothy reaction which will cause you no harm.

Can You Blend Soda And Ice?

Yes, you can blend soda and ice without having any negative reactions overall. In the preparation of the Slurpee drink, for instance, soda and ice are blended to ease the process of having to shake ice bags with your hands.

What Happens If You Put A Fizzy Drink In A Blender?

Fizzy drinks include sparkling water, soda, and other cola drinks. The only thing that happens when you put fizzy drinks in a blender is that it loses its carbonation due to the effect of the spinning blades.

Nothing negative happens especially as the carbon dioxide which would have increased the pressure is being expelled by the blades.

What Happens If You Blend Ice?

For your blender to be equal to the task when it comes to blending ice, it has to be a high-powered blender. Otherwise, your blender blades will be blunt in little or no time.

Can You Put Soda In A Blender -Conclusion

Lots of recipes are known to involve the use of blenders and you must have the right information on your blender to rest assured of its capabilities.

Soda can be very refreshing and it’s also safe to know they are harmless when blended to make Slurpee. Kindly drop your comments and observations in the comment section. Cheers!!!

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