Can You Grind Coffee Beans In A Magic Bullet?

Coffee beans are the main source of our most cherished caffeine drink – coffee tea. Over the years, humans have found it difficult to live without it.

Some start their day with it, others end theirs with it. It is believed that coffee tea sets the mood sometimes, help overcome tension and ease the pressure. It’s also a recommended tea for weight loss/ management.

Can You Grind Coffee Beans In A Magic Bullet? You certainly can grind coffee beans in a magic bullet and with an upgraded machine such as this Magic Bullet MBR-1701 17. So you certainly can get a good result with it.

Although a magic bullet is not really the best option when it comes to coffee beans grinding but you can use it if you don’t have anything else to use. If you are looking for something professional to help you grind your coffee from coarse to the fine ground then you should consider this Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

And the reason why magic bullets ain’t reliable when it comes to grinding coffee beans is that it wasn’t totally designed for hard tasks but there’s room for multitasking and improvisation anyway. The result it will produce sure won’t satisfy you.

But it’s much better than having nothing to grind your coffee beans. Most home-ground coffee beans don’t always come out as the ones processed in factories for commercial purposes.

Grinding coffee beans by yourself will save you some money and allow you to get the perfect consistency you may be craving. Aside from that, it assures you of its authenticity as some already ground ones might be adulterated.

Coffee beans are hard in nature; whether light, medium, or dark roasted. They don’t go so easy on the blades. Coffee drink that seems to be a way of life for so many people come with a challenge when doing it yourself with personal blenders.

This is why a lot of people result to getting already ground ones from the supermarkets and very few still burden their grinder blades with the task at home.

So, have no regrets if yours isn’t as coarse or finely polished in texture as used to in regular ground coffee. Those made in the factories might undergo processes that are not necessarily important but for the sake of packaging, attraction, as well as preservation, they do.

Have in mind that you are not in for mass production so never compare the outcome of your home ground coffee beans with those bought from the stores. Be assured that the rest of the refining process will take place in the coffee machine. If there are chunks as a result of poor grinding, it will settle at the bottom.

What’s most important is that you have a coffee to enjoy at the end. The disadvantage of having chunks from poor grinding is that you will lose some amount of your precious coffee beans.

Being able to grind your coffee beans at home is a bonus. So have fun grinding it with your magic bullet blender. I advise you put little into the jar for every blend for a manageable consistency. Note that it’s far from optimal. The result you will get grinding coffee beans in a magic bullet depends on how you use it.

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What Is The Flat Blade In Magic Bullet Used For?


Blades, as discussed in one of my in my previous articles, are vital to blenders. It is an indispensable component of blending machines. There is hardly a blender without a blade.

Let me rephrase, what’s a blender without a blade? We will have to find a name for such then maybe “A-DER”. Doesn’t make sense right? That’s how a blender without a blade makes no sense at all.

Blender blades have various functions and it is good we know and identify them.  From the curved smooth to the curved- rough, to the flat smooth, to the flat-rough.

Whichever form the blads shape takes, each have been specially assigned a task. Some are there to tear, to chop and some to smoothen. So what’s the flat blade in a magic bullet used for?

The magic bullet comes with two types of blades categorized as crossed blade and flat blade. The flat blade is used for chopping and cutting harder single ingredients such as nuts, spices, grains, coffee beans, dry fruits, cinnamon.

Take note of the function outlined here so that you can use the blades rightly. Since the flat blade takes care of hard/ recipes, magic bullet might be useless without it. If yours is damaged  in any way get a replacement on Amazon here

How about the function of the crossed blade in a magic bullet? Well, since our focus is on the flat blade it’s proper to outline it first but for the purpose of learning, I’ll quickly expose us to some of the functions of the crossed blade in a magic bullet.

The Magic Bullet Cross Blade is used for chopping ingredients like onions, garlic and carrots. It grind meat, makes dips such as salsa, bean dip, or gazpacho.

When it comes to blending, the Cross Blade pulverizes ice for smoothies, frozen cocktails and milkshakes. With cross bade, mixing is made easy as batters for pancakes, muffins and quick breads are mixed in seconds.

It is used to grate foods like hard and soft cheeses and chocolate. If you wish to have more than one as not to overuse your crossed blade or change an already damaged cross blade, visit the stores or visit Amazon using the specification of your model.


Can A Magic Bullet Grind Grains?

After reviewing the magnificent functions of the magic bullet blender blades, one will have no course to worry about its performance.

So can a magic bullet grind grains? Absolutely it’s a yes! A magic bullet is designed to crush grains with its cross blades. Just as we have studied earlier concerning coffee beans.

The machine we have been talking about is small in appearance but does powerful things. Little wonder they say ” great things come in small packages.

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Which Is Better, Nutribullet Or Magic Bullet?

I call this the clash of titans. Let the show begin! Before we go into proper evaluation and comparison of these two powerful blenders, have in mind that both are very good machines for blending.

Since these two machines are powerful, picking which is better will pose a little challenge. As we know, each manufacturer has a goal designated for every product and they list them on the items as a guide to proper usage.

Therefore, the question of which is better is relative. Both blenders look alike in structure from a simple look but very little feature differentiates them and since these features cannot be ascertained from mere look, we will look at them based on their works.

Most of us pay no attention to the usage guide. So we tend to use a blender that was not assigned for a certain purpose. How can a blender that was not designed to carry out a particular task be productive? When we do this, we overweigh our blenders, reducing also, its life span.

Magic Bullet Versus Nutri Bullet

  • The Motor: while magic bullets are designed with motors having 250wattage, nutribullet come from motors of about 600watts.
  • Blades: Magic bullets blades are best for grinding basic simple fruit smoothies, soups and even sauce. On the other hand, nutribullet blades are tough enough to blend frozen fruits, find coffee beans, nuts and even raw fruits with seeds
  • Weight: Nutribullet is quite heavier than the magic bullet in terms of weight. The magic weighing about 1.43kg and the other 1.63kg
  • Base: Nutribullet is made with BPA-free non-toxic high impact plastic power base while magic bullet has a Stainless steel power base. Both are solid.
  • Price: This comes last because it’s usually not a factor for determining the efficacy or performance of any product as it can be seller oriented, the company’s choice etc.  It could also be as a result of the mechanical parts used in making it. For the record, nutribullets are very expensive. Whereas, the magic bullet is cos- effective. Wouldn’t want to say cheap cost really nothing is cheap. What might seem cheap to you could be far too expensive for another and what might seem expensive to you will amazing sound/look so cheap for another. Just go for what your budget can carry and have yourself a good blending experience.

Magic bullets attempt almost all the tasks that the nutribullet does. The difference is the end product. How would you feel if your not so pricey blender, does what a pricey blender does but with a little imperfection that can be managed? I’d say it’s fair.

Try not to expect too much from the magic bullets. Cheer up, you can still enjoy your smoothies. A good way to conclude this comparison is to say that nutribullet are advancements of the magic bullet. They both have the same 2x resealable stay-fresh lids. Nuttibulleta are the new generation of magic bullet blenders.

How Do You Sharpen A Magic Bullet Blade?

A lot has been said about the magic bullet and its vast functions. It’s time to focus a little on its maintenance.  Every mechanical appliance needs proper maintenance to be at its optimal level.

Blades over time lose their sharpness, some become blunt as a result of rust, stuck food particles on the blades from the previous blend, due to improper wash after use, long use, blending ingredients that have stones in them and so on.

To sharpen a magic bullets blade be it the flat or the crossed, you can use the eggshell technique. Gather used eggshell, wash and dry neatly then blend thoroughly in your magic bullet.

Rinse off and do a quick blend to confirm the impact. You can also try soaking with vinegar, its cleans the container and removes tough particles stuck on the blade that might be reducing its performance.

A quick way to this is to pour in some about of vinegar(I recommend white one) into your magic bullet blender, cover and leave for about 2-3minutes before starting your engine.

The small pulse gives room for the acids to react with tough stains/particles in the container and on the blades. This pulse dissolves rust that may have built on the blades too. Blend for 3-5 minutes.

Do not open the lid immediately after blending to avoid getting burnt. Allow the liquid in the jar to cool a little, then open and dispose of.

Another way is to go rugged. Loosen the blades from the gasket. You will need the following for this task: a dry towel(cotton or paper), a screwdriver and a filling object (get a size that is suitable for the blade).

Note that Blender blades tighten when turned anticlockwise so, loosen it by turning your screwdriver in a clockwise motion. To successfully uninstall the blade, fold and place a towel on the blade. It will serve as a shield and also prevent you from sustaining cut injuries. Use the towel to hold the blade to a standstill.

While holding the blades tightly with the towel, turn it upside down to reveal the nut at the button, loosen with your screwdriver in a clockwise motion.

Once the blade has been detached from the gasket, go easy with your blade file. Gently rub the blades on the file surface or vice Verser. At the end of this exercise, feel the blades to check for results. If not satisfied with it file more. And rinse off with water.

Can You Grind Coffee Beans In A Magic Bullet-Conclusion

This is article is not in any way condemning a particular product. It’s only a guide to making sure you go for what best serves your purpose.

Magic bullets are very affordable. It only needs good maintenance. If you want to get the most of it, follow the user’s guide.

Also aside from being portable in size, it’s light in weight so it’s a good travelling apparatus. It dies great jobs with green smoothies and shakes. Take your pick!

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