Can A Magic Bullet Blend Ice? Find Out

Many products manufacturers sometimes overrate their products so that consumers will purchase them. However, the manufactures of magic bullet have not told a lie in their specifications. Magic bullet kitchen blender is great for a lot of chores which I’ll be outlining in this article including the famous claim by the producers about ice blending.

Its can puree green leafy ingredients so fast and smoothly too, it can handle dry ingredients which is also a plus because other bullet blenders do not have such feature.

Can A Magic Bullet Blend Ice? Yes, but not all magic bullet can. If your intention is to blend frozen fruits then you need this awesome Magic Bullet MBR-1701 17-Piece Express Mixing Set known for blending ice. If you have one already, be assured of value for money. Just as it is upgraded, its function are upgraded to satisfy your ice blending cravings. 

Try not to blend ice cubes immediately you remove them from the refrigerator. It is not a good practice, neither is it safe for your blender. This applies to all kitchen blenders for the purpose of durability, allow the ice to taw a while before burdening your blades with it.

Bear in mind that it will not be snowy smooth but a breakdown will take place. The magic bullet is not really the best blender for such a job.

Looking at the level of performance in terms of ice crushing, the magic bullet cannot handle ice efficiently in its own capacity. This is why the manufacturers have instructed that if you must crush ice, you should add water to the jar.

This is not to say that it cannot blend other ingredients efficiently but ice blending is usually tough on the blades. The addition of water will enhance effective ice blending. This also will boost the life span of your bullet blender.

Aside from the blade, which is one of the factors that hinder effective ice blending in the magic bullet, the size of the jar is another major challenge. Ice need space to bounce. It is through the bouncing that the ice cubes which have not had contact with the blades take turns.

As they bounce up and down, it sends the crushed ice aside and deals with those that have not been crushed. The jar is usually not made from strong material so blending ice in it without enhancing it with water or juice, can damage it. This may cause leakage thereafter.

Another factor that can make it leak is if you keep washing the jars in the dishwasher as specified on the product manual by the manufacturers stating that the magic bullet blades and jars are dishwasher safe.

Continuous use of the dishwasher can cause the jar to crack and lead to leakage on the long run. Avoid this by washing the jars with your hands after a blending session. This is not in any way condemning producers’ instructions, advice has only been given based on user’s reviews on the product.

All hope is not lost simply because the Magic bullet cannot efficiently blend ice on its own without pouring little is water into the jar. Other blenders out there can if that’s your sole aim but if you are looking at enjoying quick smoothies then you have got the right blender for the task.

Let’s do a quick documentary on the things that the magic bullet blender can blend aside ice cubes. Bear in mind that the magic bullet is small but mighty for the numerous chores it undertakes. Also it’s cheap when compared with others out there.

Do not condemn it just because it gave you a semi watery blended ice in place of the much anticipated snowy ice. Look on the bright side and you will appreciate the nice things that this mini monster does.

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What Can A Magic Bullet Blend?


We have seen situations where producers make claims that their products can deliver but that’s not totally so with the magic bullet blender. It is small in appearance but mighty in performance. Ever wondered what makes it found in almost every home where they enjoy smoothies?

It is simply because is the best smoothie blender you can find at such a low cost. Have you just got a new magic bullet or have one at home and wondering stuffs you can put into it that will be processed properly without damaging the blades and motor? Worry less from now because I’ll give a comprehensive outline of the things that this small monster can blend.

Top 10 Things That The Magic Bullet Can Blend

  • The magic bullet can blend ice if assisted with liquid (whether water or juice).
  • It can blend leafy green ingredients.
  • Very efficient in making smoothies.
  • It grinds dry recipes.
  • It can be used to make baby foods which are usually cooked veggies.
  • It can be used in whip cream.
  • Takes care of dry ingredients such as coffee.
  • Used to chop online and mince garlic. Saving you a lot of stress ranging from watery eyes and smelling fingers.
  • Used to make batters for bread.
  • Blends frozen foods

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Above are the things that the magic bullet can blend and are safe also but have in mind that it easily wear and tear because of the cheap material used in making it.

The magic bullet is the most popular personal blender because its price is fair and almost anyone can afford it and if used reasonably without overworking the motor, it will last longer. Just as there are things that are permitted into the magic bullet, there are also some things that should not be put into it for blending.

Those things include a carbonated drink and hot ingredients. The carbonated drink can build up pressure which will, in turn, burst open the blender during blending. Leading to blender damage and messy spillage.

Do not also put hot ingredients into the magic bullet as we are strictly warned against such activities in the user’s guide.

Blend your recipes cold and if the need to make hot soup arises, put the blended ingredients in the microwave since the cups are microwave safe. With that, you are guaranteed a hot soup with no damage done to your magic bullet personal blender.

With the brief insight listed above on the things to blend in your magic bullet as well as those that should not very go into it, we can be assured that our dearly beloved mini monster personal blender will last longer.

While listing the things to blend we mentioned that the magic bullet can grind coffee beans. As unbelievable as it may seem, it is true. What we should dwell on is how smooth of a texture we can get using a magic bullet to grind coffee beans with that we shall look deeply in the next subtopic.

Can I Grind Coffee In A Magic Bullet?

The magic bullet is indeed a bullet because of its fast nature in getting work done. There is hardly a thing that it can’t process even with its size.

The issue of coffee grinding is vital to us and it won’t be a bad idea or out of place to know that the small but mighty equipment we have at home can bail us out on a rainy day.

It is true that the jars are small and is a factor to consider but do not also forget that it is a personal blender designed for personal use.

So make no mistake about it when you are engaging it for a task. Most of the jars does not have measurement and might mislead you but use your discretion when pouring ingredients into it.

Yes, you certainly can grind coffee beans in a magic bullet using the advanced Magicbullet MBR-1701 blender that comes with 17 pieces. Check it out on Amazon.

Not much is required of you in terms of procedure. All you need to do is put in little at a time since it is not a commercial machine but a personal one.

Also, pulse at intervals in order not to damage your motor. Since the equipment is built to process food fast, avoid overheating your coffee in the grinding process by observing the pulse.

No one enjoys a burnt coffee.  Follow this guidance and you are good to go. Have in mind that it is not produced specifically for coffee beans grinding but an emergency bail us out which is to be used for coffee beans grinding, once in a while in other not to overburden it.

The end product may not also be as coaxed as expected but it is a good shot when nothing else is available to use. This article also mentioned that the magic bullet can blend frozen fruits so how true is that? Read the next subtopic to find out!

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Can A Magic Bullet Blend Frozen Fruits?

Magic has proven to deliver levels where many products that are more expensive compete. It is no news that it is portable in size making it the perfect blending equipment to travel with. It is petite in nature makes storage less stressful.

However we look at this little wonder, let’s appreciate it for the smile it puts on our faces whether in bread batter making, cream whipping, veggies slicing, ice crushing/blending, and so on.

Appraisals have been given by many on the efficiency of the magic bullet in smoothies making. In fact, when you think smoothie, think .magic bullets.

Can it blend frozen fruits? Absolutely yes! If the frozen fruits are large, simply chop them a little into small chunks and pour in some amount of liquid with you desire to mix it with (water, milk, fruits extract…).

Failure to adhere to adding liquid as a form of enhancement can lead to unexpected disappointment. Magic bullet not known for dealing with frozen fruits as well as ice crushing but if you can add a little water or juice to any frost ingredients, you can efficiently blend them. Remember also, to not overload the jar.

Better results are achieved with the magic bullet when ingredients are not stuffed it. Of your recipes are more than one jar can carry, use the rest cups and later mix together in a bigger container.

Can You Put Ice In A Nutribullet?

Nutribullet is the senior sibling of the magic bullets. So, it is safe to say that magic bullets are the predecessors of the nutribullets. It’s upgraded to carry out virtually all the chores that the magic bullet have downplayed. Be not confused about the product since both have almost the same appearance.

They are uniquely different and are sold for a different price too. Nutribullet is way more expensive than the Magic Bullet. So you are actually paying more to do more. How about that?

Well explained right? So next time you want to blame your magic bullet for not performing as the Nutribullet, do well to compare the price. It takes a blender with a high capacity to deal with ice cubes.

Yes, you can conveniently put ice in a Nutribullet without a second thought. Because, unlike many products out there, it is designed with blades strong enough for the task and the jars too, can withstand the hit from the cubes.

Nutribullet is an efficient personal blender that cost much to purchase but once you do, the function will compensate for the price. With the new Nutribullet Prime that comes with 1000 wattage, the sky is your limit to endless smoothies making.

Can A Magic Bullet Blend Ice – Conclusion

We shall conclude by applauding these two powerful mini monsters for bringing joy to many homes. Before now we go out to buy smoothies, cocktail…

But with these personal smoothie makers, our stress has been relieved. It is a good way to add veggies to our diets and life healthy eliminating excuses emanating from last of access to the stores at odd hours.

Now with the magic bullet and the Nutribullet, that come with smoothie recipes, we are in for a lifetime cruise.

No more excuse not to have healthy smoothies since the other personal blender comes at a fair price (magic Bullet) but carry out almost all the tasks that the other (Nutribullet) which is somewhat pricey does.

Just minimal difference in performance and both require less burden or stress in their usage in other to last longer. Good luck in your quest

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