4 Best Blender For Paper Making In 2022

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During my early years in life, I remember being given a paper mesh project to work on. I was asked to make a plate, and with the help of my mum, it came out pretty well, but not as I liked it considering my classmates’ items were looking smoother and orderly.

When I asked how they were able to achieve a very smooth look, I was told they ground their paper mixture using a blender, which was definitely the telling difference because my mum used a mortar and pestle to grind mine. With that being said, the use of a blender makes paper making easier.

If you’re in a hurry to just grab the best blenders for paper making, we strongly recommend the blenders below, they are most efficient based on several criteria we considered.

How do I make handmade paper with a blender?


Making handmade papers is easier when you follow the right instructions. In this section, you’d see how effective a blender is when making your handmade paper. Although aside from a blender, you’d still need a few products in the making. Below are the tutorials needed to make paper.

Products for papermaking

  • Recycled papers.
  • Framework (also known as deckle and mold).
  • Flatwood boards and a rolling pin.
  • Microfiber towel, Cloth, wool sheet, or any other porous fabric.


Step 1

 Recycled papers can be found anywhere. However, when choosing the paper you need, colored or printmaking papers are the most preferred because they are produced with stronger fiber materials.

Nb– The kind of recycled paper you use at the initial stage would define the value of the final result. Also, you can use papers with different color matches.

Step 2

Now, we are going back to the old process used in your paper mesh project, so shred the paper with the measurement of 1 inch.

Step 3

Fill a bucket with water and soak the shredded papers in it. It’s advisable to soak the papers overnight because by then, the paper would be easier to pulp.

Step 4

In this step, your blender should be ready to blend the paper. Then, fill half of the blender with water and scoop two handfuls of the soaked paper Into the blender.

Nb– do not overload the blender with the paper, or the motor would be damaged.

Step 5

Blend the paper with the blender till it becomes a pulp. The amount of water excreted determines the thickness of the paper.

Step 6

In this step, you’d need the framework which is the mold and deckle. Put the blended paper in the mold, then, compress the water out of the pulp, and ensure the pulp is arranged properly in the mold to form the sheet you want. Lift the deckle a bit to pour the water out.

Step 7

Another alternative

To get a smooth result, you can use an absorbent towel or cloth. Just lay the towel flat on the surface of the blender paper and compress.

Step 8

Carefully bring the formed paper out of the mold and put it on a flat wood board. Use the rolling pin to straighten the paper in an upward and downward motion. While doing that, any water remaining in the paper should be drained, afterwards, put the paper somewhere to dry.

Step 9

When the paper has completely dried, shape it to your desired design.

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Which blender should I purchase for paper making?

From the making of a paper, you can see how important a blender is. While they are important for the making, you’d need an extremely strong blender to make a pulp. There are a lot of blenders at the mall or store, but it can be hard to tell which one is the best.

However, to save you from the stress of searching, I’d be of help by recommending the best blenders that I’m familiar with. Trust me, you are gonna get the best blender from the list.

Best Blenders For Paper Making – Reviews

1. Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender with Glass

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Do you need the best blender for your paper making? Then, the Oster core blender is a good choice. This blender is the first on my list as a result of the good reviews it has on a lot of platforms such as Amazon, and you’d see why in the features.


  • Diverse settings- Since blenders are used to blend different items, this blender has diverse settings with different capacities. In this blender, there are the high settings and the low settings. The high setting is used to blend, crush, grate, and so on. While the low setting is used to mix, stir, whip, and also blend. So, this means you can choose any of the settings to blend your soaked paper.
  • Versatility and precision- This blender has a crush Pro 4 shade which is durable and capable of crushing and working through any ingredient with ease. Also, the versatility from the pulse to purée to actual control with the touch of the attached button. The blending power of the blender is about 700 power watts and 450 blending watts.
  • Durability- The metals used to manufacture this blender are durable. The unique design of this blender assures you of lifetime use. Also, you’d be given a 10 years warranty that covers the repair and replacement of the blender if any issue arises.
  • Easy use- As aforementioned, there are different types of blenders and some of them are difficult to use. But this particle blender is super easy to use and maintain. It is a perfect option for your paper making.


  • Topnotch versatility and precision.
  • Strong blending and power.
  • Easy maintenance and use.
  • Durable and lifetime material.
  • Favorable setting buttons.


  • When blending with this blender, it makes a lot of noise that can be quite disturbing.

2. NuWave Infinity Moxie 64oz Blender – NSF Certified Professional Grade, Self-Cleaning. 

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Another best blender for paper making is NuWave Infinity Blender. This blender has had a good blending reputation in different stores ever since its production 100 years ago. With this blender, you can never go wrong with using it for any task. However, you can find out its capacity in the features or descriptions. Below are the features of this blender.


  • Blending power- This blending is super strong. If you had noticed, all the blenders have a blending power of 700 or 450 watts. However, it is different from the Nuwave blender. This blender has 1500 watts of blending power with a speed of 17,000 RPM. Due to these powers, the blender is capable of smoothening any ingredient in a few minutes.
  • Blending blades- The blending blades of this blender are sharper, stronger, and thinner than a knife and other blender blades. The blades can slice through foods or ingredients efficiently while producing less oxidation for a smooth and tasty blend mixture. Also, the blender can operate 30 times faster than other types of blenders with the blades spinning super fast to produce more than enough heat.
  • Self-cleaning ability- This blender wouldn’t stress you when it’s time to clean. With the cleaning button on the blender, you can get a cleaned blender in a second. Just add two drops of liquid dish soap and water to the blender, then press the cleaning button.
  • User warranty- The brand of this blender grants you a 5 years warranty after purchase which covers repairs and replacement of the blender if anything goes wrong with it. This means you can always reach out to the customer care service center for help when you have any issue with this blender.


  • Super efficient blades.
  • Diverse blade speed power.
  • Numerous press buttons.
  • High heat for the making of soup.
  • Favorable 5 years warranty with repairs.


  • This blender’s noise level is quite high.

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3. Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender

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The next blender on my list is the Hamilton Beach blender, which is known for its extraordinary blending capacity for over a hundred years. The Hamilton Beach blender was manufactured with the necessary equipment to meet all your requirements for paper making. Let’s take a look at the equipment added to this blender.


  • Peak blending power- Technically, the average blending power a blender should have is 300 watts, but the Hamilton Beach blender was made with a peak blending power of about 700 watts. With this blending power, you can make anything, including blending your soaked chunky papers.
  • Wave action system- Have you seen a sea wave when a person is surfing? That kind of wave can be used to describe the wave action system of this blender. It waves the item you are blending down to the blade area for a smooth consistency.
  • Easy to use and maintain- You can easily control this blender with the attached buttons at the front part of the blender. After blending, you can easily pour out the blended mixture without spilling it. Likewise, the maintenance of this blender is super straightforward. Trust me, maintaining this blender isn’t a hassle like some other blenders.
  • Durability and materials- The metal and plastic used to produce this blender are all durable and extracted from high-quality material. The durability offers a lifetime use for any purpose, including handmade paper.


  • Straightforward use and maintenance.
  • Durability and high-quality material.
  • Accurate wave action system.
  • High Peak blending power.


  • This blender might not be a good option for crushing.
  • The noise level of this blender is quite high.

4. Professional Countertop Blender, Blender for kitchen Max 2200W High Power Home and Commercial Blender with Timer. 

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Like the folks would say, initial impression matters. This blender gives the best impression that makes you want to keep using it always. It’s another blender that will serve you the best for your paper making. Perhaps you are wondering what’s so special about this blender. Not to worry, you’d find out soon. The features of this blender would be discussed below.


  • Multifunctional blender- Here we are, no one wants a blender that can only do one task, but a blender that can do various tasks which is this blender. This blender is the newest blender you can ever get for your kitchen and paper making. Why? This Professional Countertop Blender is a 6 in 1 multi-purpose blender that can blend, mix, crush, stir, and many more.
  • Powerful motor and blade- Trust me you won’t want to get a blender that has a very low motor and would turn off in the process of blending. However, it’s different with this blender. It has a powerful motor of about 2200 watts. If you purchase this blender, you’d have no worries about the motor. Likewise, the blades can work through anything with 32000 RPM. What more do you need in a blender other than these?
  • Flexible Speed and pulse regulator- This blender was manufactured with a versatile flexible Speed regulator, which is brought to work by rotating the knob while the blender is operating to get your actual desire. Also, you can choose the pulse type for any task.
  • Detachable for easy maintenance- You can detach this blender to make it easy for you to clean. You can clean the blender by adding two drops of liquid dish soap and water to the blender, then press the cleaning button. Allow the blender to run for 30 seconds, then rinse off the soapy mixture in it.


  • Flexible Speed and pulse regulator.
  • Detachable equipment for easy maintenance.
  • Strong motor and effective blades.
  • Multi-purpose use.
  • Durable and lifetime material.


  • It has a high noise level, but aside from the noise, the blender is one of the best you can purchase.

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Best Blender For Paper Making-Conclusion

Blenders are used as an alternative for industrial appliances for paper making. While they are an alternative, you need to purchase the best choice. I have recommended some blenders that you can purchase in this article. Kindly click on the links to check their price.

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